I’m being chatted up on a train. By a 22 year old. I know he is 22 because he told me. He also told me he is an English literature student at Oxford University. Then the inevitable question- what do I do. I tell him and see puzzlement on his face. At 23?- he asks. I laugh. Try adding a decade and a bit.

I feel like texting Iuliana, my beauty therapist who you met in part 1 of our new series (here). A few days before the train encounter I visited her for a treatment that saw me looking a decade less. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

It’s Saturday and I see Iuliana for a mix of Valentine’s Day treatment, which she devised for me to try before I got struck with a pesky cold, and an inside the mouth massage called buccal technique. Iuliana shows me her tools- Rose Quartz stones and titanium Gua Sha for face. There’s also a variety of organic essential oils which she is going to use. The main one is geranium- its sweet smell relaxes body and mind.

Before the treatment 

Non surgical facelift

After the treatment 

None of the tools are accidental of course. Geranium oil minimises the look of wrinkles and tightens the skin. Rose quartz aligns with the Heart Chakra, governing the emotions, and is known as the “love stone”. Iuliana used two polished pieces of Rose Quartz to smooth and cool my skin at the end of the treatment. Gua Sha tool has been used by Korean beauties to lift the skin and contour the face for sharp jawline and cheekbones. Iuliana chose titanium because of its specific properties- it helps to reduce inflammation by stimulating nerves in sore area and enhance blood circulation.

Treatment with Iuliana are the Rolls Royce of beauty treatments. Gone are the days when I go to a salon for a facial involving extraction and a face mask. I understand now what Iuliana meant when she told me about approaching beauty from holistic point of view.  Nothing about Iuliana’s treatments are standards so if you go to her for a standard facial you will get much, much more.

Iuliana starts with an upper body and neck massage to diminish tension around my shoulders, neck and jaw before moving to my face. By the time she starts inside the mouth massage I already feel like I’m floating. Iuliana tells me that buccal technique can apparently be quite intense, firm and at times uncomfortable, and that the treatment done the Parisian way can also involve a bit of pain. Iuliana’s hands are firm but gentle and I’m so relaxed that I doze off missing entirely the rose quartz and Gua Sha part of the treatment.

Buccal technique known as the non surgical face lift targets the bones of the face and facial muscles. The inside of the mouth stretches will allow the therapist to reach muscles impossible to reach otherwise. It release stress and tension held in the jaw area, cheeks and around the mouth. Sometimes people report feeling emotional after the treatment- Iuliana tells me it’s normal.

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The results are astounding- my cheekbones are lifted and jaw is defined. Naso-labial folds (lines from the nose to my mouth) are almost gone. I’ve lost tension around my jaw and neck and my skin is tighter, smooth and glowing from inside. I look like I’ve had years taken of my face.  I took before and after selfies. I still can’t believe the difference.

And something else happened, too. Whether it’s because I’v had tension massaged out of me or whether it’s the result of buccal treatment, I feel really, really happy. I leave Iuliana almost skipping on my way home, promising myself I would be back as soon as I return from Paris.

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