I’ve seen the future and it’s nude. From your hair (you’ve heard it here first) to nude faces, the #iwokeuplikethis trend is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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Personally, I love illusions. My favorite is the one which I probably share with thousands of women around the world. Here it is: I woke up, rolled to of bed with artfully messy hair (that Spray-A-Portair Tousled Effect had certainly nothing to do with it), grabbed the first thing from the pile (which happened to be skinny leather pants and oversized cashmere jumper) and now I’m going around my business looking impossibly chic and effortless (and pretending I don’t care whilst I’m at it). As I said- illusions…

“Gosh, you look great. You aren’t wearing any make up, are you?” was possibly the nicest complement I’ve heard in my life. “No, not a scrap!” #littelwhitelies

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“You know- said Trish the other day- sometimes it’s really so much easier to plaster that make up on and look like you’ve made an effort”. I couldn’t agree more. Looking like a natural beauty for most of us requires a bit of time to perfect. But practice does make a master and I had no choice but to simply my morning routine to about 10-15 minutes max.

I use Chanel Ombres Contrasted Due no 20 in Taupe- Delicat or Clinique mini palette in twilight & mauve (not featured on the photo). The beauty of nude eyeshadows is that they go on really sheer, contouring and “sculpting” the eye without being obvious.

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My recent purchase was L‘Oreal La Palette Nude. I know that Naked palette by Urban Decay has attracted a cult status but I somehow never got around to buying it (Even on a Ryanair plane where it’s one of staples in their catalog) (Once you fastened your seatbelt, you’ve made to feel like-OMG I haven’t gambled today yet/bought make up/perfumes!). So when I saw this palette from L’Oreal at the fraction of Urban Decay price, I snatched it immediately. I can attest that the colors are very pretty and flattering. I have only one problem- I keep forgetting which eyeshadow I’ve just used on one eye…

So what’s my streamlined routine looks like?

Firstly, I start with mixing a BB cream with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, which plumps up my skin (good bye fine lines).

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Then I get rid of any blemishes by tapping some concealer on them. I tap and tap until it’s blended right in.

After that’s done I put matte, light color eyeshadow across the entire eyelid and a little under my eyebrows.

I chose the second color and apply it to the socket line and under lower lashes. Sometimes I swipe the sheer line on my eyelids as well.

With eyeliner I dot tiny specks between my eyelashes for some more definition without drawing a visible line. I use L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim for clean, easy application.

clinique eyeshadows-bottega venetta perfumes-chanel powder-1-2

To finish off I dust a little of my favorite Chanel Les Beiges powder on my cheekbones. Peachy blush would work equally well.

I often skip mascara entirely for this look. If I do chose to wear it, I apply it only at the roots of my lashes, giving them a bit of a lift lift and extra definition without actually mascara being so visible. I always forget about eyelashes curler but I guess it would work for this l look.

L'oreal palette-prada perfumes-chanel perfumes-chloe perfumes-1

One swipe of Chanel Mademoiselle lipstick and yeah, I totally woke up like this.

And what is your make up routine?



  1. Friday January 23rd, 2015 / 04:59 AM

    I love the effortlessly chic look. And your friend is right, natural beauty looks are way harder to make look good than globs of make up
    Dresses & Denim

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