Congratulations, you’ve made it through Christmas! The running around, social obligations and piles of food to be consumed are now behind us. Now onto the fun bit before grimness of January sets in.

New Years Eve is fast approaching in glittery heels. Where I’m from it’s actually the biggest night of the year. There’s an expectation and an obligation to end the year in grand style. That goes from the venue to the shoes. And then of course there is THE DRESS to be chosen.

NY Eve party dress 6-1

I usually wait for an inspiration to strike me, which normally happens around October. I’d see a photo or a movie and suddenly I’d have an eureka moment and know what I’ll be wearing on the NY Eve party (I only buy one dress so its gotta be perfect). Sometimes it only takes a swipe of my visa but more often then not it’s a more complicated matter.

There was one year when I fell in love with a purple, backless number Eva Green was wearing in Casino Royale. Sure, I could go straight to Cavalli but there were two small matters a) finances and b) the party I went to didn’t require a full length gown…

NY Eve party dress 7-1

It was a serious mission and all my female friends were instructed to be on a lookout. Weeks of scouring shops, consignment agencies and scanning internet pages and there it was… perfect knee length halter neck number from Versace. I didn’t care which season it was from. It was waiting for me in one of London’s consignment agencies, squeezed between de la Rentas and Pradas.

NY Eve party dress 5-1

I have my theory that when I need them, the right clothes will materialize on time. You can laugh but how else would you explain the fact that I bought my wedding dress two weeks before The Day? I waited until the right dress came along- and it did. It was from Ralph Lauren and I had to get it shipped from the States but it was perfect. I bought shoes four days before the wedding, silver Jimmy Choo sandals on eBay (the seller very nicely offered to dispatch her boyfriend to London to deliver them but we used Royal Mail at the end). I had no contingency plan (looking back maybe it was a bit mad).


This year an inspiration was not really doing anything, let alone striking. Granted, I had other things on my mind but by the end of October I started to worry. Where was it? What was I going to wear? Last year I played it cool. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. I mean, I was only waiting for that party for a couple of months! The French fell over laughing when I told him that I was trying to look like I didn’t care, like I’ve just stopped by on the way somewhere else, looking impossibly cool. I wore studded Zara mini skirt, slouchy tee and an old army style shirt. I paired it with my new suede over the knee boots. In the sea of LBDs, I felt rather good.

But this year I wanted glamour, glitz and all that jazz. One day I was complaining to my mother about the lack of dress and she said- why don’t you have something made? And she booked me in with her tailor.

NY Eve party dress 3-1

I remember going with my grandmother to her tailor for fittings, pins sticking out from the tailor’s mouth and her commanding my grandmother to stand still. What was born for my grandmother out of necessity (in a post war Poland there were no dream dresses yet a girl had to wear something beautiful to go dancing on Saturday) turned out to be life long pursuit of chic clothing. My mother on the other hand approaches it like a collector, dreaming up pieces that she may or may not wear but love to have. I’m that wishy washy one in between.


For this year party I chose silvery shimmery lace as a way to break away from the endless LBDs languishing in my closet. I wish I had listened to my mother (yeah) and had the dress made a little longer. There will be no be bending (pfff not that I’m going to be picking anything from the floor) or jumping with my hands in the air (let’s be dignified) but other then that I’m pretty pleased with the result.


Trish is wearing another of my mother’s creation- black lace top and La Redoute skirt (previous collection).

Ad you- what are you doing this year? And most importantly- what are you wearing?


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