I’ve had to smarten up and Parisian style was my preferred genre of choice.  Back in March when I opened my firm it was just me in a small office, a desk and a laptop. I kept a suit in the office for when I saw people but generally, I would turn up to work in basically in what you saw on the blog each week.

Tweed Jacket (4 of 10)Tweed Jacket (2 of 10)Tweed Jacket (8 of 10)Tweed Jacket (1 of 10)Tweed Jacket (7 of 10)Tweed Jacket (5 of 10)

But now we’ve grown to a small team, acquired a few more “office” things, you know boring stuff like photocopiers and filing cabinets and yesterday we moved to a bigger spece. I will have my own office now! OK, it’s not big but it’s a step up from a small room with a desk in the middle 🙂 And as we looking to grown our team even more, I’ve realised that I will have to step up my work attire, too. Gone will be my leather pants (sob) and and snakeskin shoes replaced by suits and high heels. I have a new cabinet in the office part of which I’m planning to annect as my closet.

But I’m not really a fan of black suits unless they are super sharp. I love tweed though, it’s Parisian elegance yet versatility. Whether it’s Chanel-esque suit or a jacket paired with leather pants, the way I wear it on the photos, it just looks da bomb. #Sorrynotsorry I won’t be showing you latest 70’s pieces this season, simply because I’m not planning on wearing them much. I may rotate a bit those trend led pieces I bought last season but my wallet is firmly closed this fall for trendy purchases. I’m in love with tweed though so expect much more of it on this site.

Parisian style is a peculiar thing. On one hand, I’m thinking tweed, silk and Chanel, on the other, I don’t want to look to “done” (I save it for when I’m in my sixties). I will mix and match, a black tweed jacket with cigarette pants, or a silk military style shirt with a pencil skirt (hello Carine R!).

And speaking of a new direction in our title, as the weather in London lurches from bad to worse, soon it’ll be difficult to take good photos outside.  Whilst moody skies can be a good backdrop for certain images, the light and location make so much difference to the photos. So we found some wonderful indoor locations and are planning much more editorials this season. We’d like to take this site in a direction of an online magazine. I know that many of you enjoyed our editorials last winter and were a bit disappointed when we tweaked the formula for spring. As our blog approached it’s first birthday (take a wild guess what we’ll be drinking comes 10th October 🙂 we think we found our formula- so watch this space…

I’m wearing: 

Jacket by Jadzia Doroba (similar herehere and here

Pants by Isabel Marant for H&M (old collection but similar herehere and more price friendly here)

Heels by Jimmy Choo (old collection but similar herehere and more price friendly here)

Sunglasses- Dior (here or similar & price friendly here)

Bracelet- Tiffany Atlas 

Second bracelet- custom made 

Bag- Chanel (here and here)


  1. Tuesday September 22nd, 2015 / 12:35 PM

    Depends on what your work is, but in general I believe that work attire can be as creative and fun as street style 🙂
    Good luck with the new dress code!

  2. Tuesday September 22nd, 2015 / 05:44 PM

    Amazing look Ana! Bur first this Chanel bag, oh I’m crazy about it!!
    xx Pau

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