When an invitation to Paris Fashion Week from Oxford Fashion Studio landed on my doorstep I couldn’t be more excited. Paris! The shows! Yes, I’m that girl who watches Fashion TV on the loop, judge me if you want 🙂 Of course, I said yes- how could I not?  I mean, we’ve blogging for a year, and “part time” at that (as in, it’s not Trish’s or mine day job) so it felt great to know we are doing something right 🙂

But, but…was I going to go alone? Trish couldn’t come having just spent almost a month in South America and The French refused to be peeled off from the computer screen so there I was, catching a 9am Eurostar to Paris.  How difficult could that be, I asked myself. I mean, I once spent three weeks in Romania on my own! (and it was fabulous, btw). But I did feel anxious about lots of things- no one will talk to me, I won’t look good enough, everyone will know each other and I’ll be the odd one…so you know, the usual.

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Every time I feel nervous I make a plan. I suppose that’s something to do with trying to stay in control as much as I can. This time wasn’t any different. I resolved to speak to people I don’t know, take some photos (well, that didn’t turn out that great as you can see) and finally make use of that Periscope account and attempt live streaming which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

So here’s my little diary from the weekend:

Arrival: Of course I got on the metro instead of taking the cab. Don’t I know Paris well enough by now? And then I promptly got lost. That was a bit stressful because I was trying to keep an eye on my bags, my camera and the crowd around me. After that July incident when I run the pickpocketers of our carriage (you just don’t do it to a Londoner)(and not to a Londoner who works in criminal law, I mean I know all the tricks of the trade)(hihihi that was actually something I was very proud of, you should have seen their faces when they realised that I’ve discovered them and then said it loudly for everyone to hear- they got off at the next stop), I had eyes around my head. But finally I got to my hotel which was a 4 star hotel seconds from Arc de Triomph (I had a “superior double room” but not so sure what was double about it. I guess that’s what you get in the heart of Paris).

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Before the shows: I decided to skip the champagne bar (there was a champagne reception at 5pm and 8pm) as I didn’t want to be the only blogger who got drunk, and used that time to get ready and to Periscope. I did it! I did two life streams in the afternoon and then three more the next day. I guess having no one to talk to in the hotel was what prompted me to do it. At the end I run out of things to say about my make up and clothes.
So I took a cab to Les Salons Hoche where the shows were held. I got in the cab. We went up the road. The driver stopped. It was less than a minute drive. And I paid 10 Euros for that. I felt like in an episode of Ab Fab, the one when Edina and Patsy take a cab across the road, saying “at least the traffic isn’t too bad today”. Yeah, like that.
The shows: There was nothing to worry about. People were super nice and the organisers, Oxford Fashion Studio made sure that guests were comfortable and had a good time. I’ve made a few friends, met a lovely girl from Oxford who had just moved to Paris for a year (hi from London! I hope you are having a fabulous time in Paris!) and gave a brief interview for a Pakistani TV (yeah, coze you know, the camera and I are the best friends…not :)).

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The clothes were simply fabulous. Some of them quite conceptual, some were more commercial and there were a few London designers, who I’ll be definitely visiting in London once everything is back to normal. I gave up taking photos when Oxford Fashion Studio  promised to send me theirs, taken by their professional photographers. The photos you see are from the first part of the shows. Once I get the photos, I’ll show you my favourite designers and write a whole post about them but for now, I hope you can glimpse something from the few photos I took. If you think those are blurry, you should have seen the others! I loved the simplicity and cut of silk dresses and decadence of Great Gatsby inspired evening wear. I loved silk jumpsuits and silk dresses inspired by the First Empire, a mash up of military and glamour. I can’t wait to show you the “proper” photos!

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paris fashion week-1-9

After the shows: There was an afterparty in Aquarium but I guess that was testing a bit the limits of what I can do without a sidekick. So I went back to the hotel and ate a half pack of Angelina coffee beans coated in milk chocolate. And then regretted I didn’t go to the party because I couldn’t sleep till 3 in the morning (yeah, the coffee beans…).

I wore: 

Suede shirt by Jadzia Doroba 

Coat by Jadzia Doroba 

Pants by Isabel Marat for H&M 

Courts: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Celine 

Sunnies: Dior 

Jewellery- Kurk, vintage 


  1. Wednesday October 7th, 2015 / 09:07 PM

    sounds amazing! it was my first time in paris too and i had so much fun, such an inspirational and beautiful city. not as brave as you though, i didnt get on the metro once and chose uber or walking! xx

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