Its pay-day weekend (yay!) and I’m glad to report that I’ve already spent some of my salary well. On Friday morning, armed with my newly topped up credit card, I swooped on the high-street shops, and hurray! I got back with some wonderful spoils: a handbag, a leather jacket, and an awesome bottle of wine!

I found this amazing vintage (I think its 1960-70’s), messenger handbag. Made from beautiful cherry-brown polished leather with striking green baize lining, it looks hand made (though I can’t 100% verify it). Absolutely gorgeous! I first saw it a few of days ago in the window of Mary’s Living & Giving shop but being a a bit shot on cash than, with the heavy heart I left it, following Ana’s grandma’s old rule that if something is meant for you it will still be there waiting. I spent the next two days hoping that Ana’s grandma is right and praying for my bag to wait for me – and it did!

Man of War (5 of 5)-2

The second item, also second-hand, that I managed to rescue from the shop is a new addition to my leather jacket collection. A beautiful black biker jacket made of super-soft black leather almost new but not entirely. You see I hate new leather jackets. In my opinion for a leather jacket to look its best it has to be a bit tired, slightly worn out, so I really rarely buy new.

I have to admit I’m a total sucker for second hand shops – I love them all: the ‘antique’ or bric-a-brac shops, designer agencies and just regular charity shops – because I love to find some hidden treasure for a bargain price, to pick up an item so vintage that there is absolutely no chance that someone else has similar.

Oh, and the last think I bought – the wine!

Man of War (4 of 5)-2

Man of War, Ironclad 2010

One of the best reds I have tried this year and definitely one of the most complex. On the nose I’m getting a plethora of aromas: black and blue berries, sweet herbs, some black pepper and capsicum, while the palate is medium to full bodied, concentrated, and powerfull with the above aromas also has some detectable oak, ashy or chalky notes with a stony mineraly finish. You’ve got to try this if you haven’t already. This is a showcase of New Zealand’s wine making at its best – it’s powerful but gentle, elegant but complex, fruity and savoury at the same time. You name it -it has it!

Man of War (2 of 5)



  1. Monday May 2nd, 2016 / 05:34 PM

    I love vintage finds. There’s something so thrilling about finding something lovely at a bargain. Loving the messenger bag. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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