Tonight is my last night in my old home. We are moving tomorrow and it will be our first weekend in new house. I’m so excited I can’t wait. And look at the picture – this little bottle is waiting for us. It’s our tradition: for good luck we drink pink champagne the very first night we move into a new flat.

Most of my time this past week has been spent doing two things: (a) packing and chucking stuff and (b) shopping online for some new furniture. Approaching these two tasks I was absolutely sure that the first one would be an unpleasant chore, while the second would be relatively easy and enjoyable. It turned out to be exactly the opposite…


Because my new home has a bit less storage and I haven’t cleared my wardrobe out for some time, I’ve had to reduce my possessions quite substantially. I was merciless: two piles – one to the suitcase and the other to the bin. I disposed of pretty much everything except some beloved items I have had for years (like my snake skin vintage Prada heels and my leather jacket collection) and two small suitcases of “current” clothes. On the other hand in the bottom of the wardrobe I found my “lost” Karen Millen handbag – I was sure it was gone for good and actually stopped looking for it about 2 years ago. Lucky me, non?☺


As for the furniture shopping, well this has proved a bit more difficult… It turns out that my hubby and I have a completely different vision for the decor in the new house, and wholly different taste, and oh, really stubborn characters…. How did we miss this small issue throughout the years? No idea, but it looks like we may put off buying the new coffee table until next Christmas (if not longer) if we don’t come to some compromise or ask someone else to choose it for us.

For now we let it lie, deciding to get back to it when we move in….

BTW obviously I’m right. He just hasn’t realised it yet!







Moet & Chandon Rosé

This used to be my favourite Pink champagne but latterly I have tried different things and forgot about it for few years, until the beginning of February this year when I was looking for a Valentine’s Day bubbly. It surprised me again. It’s truly lovely stuff –more masculine in appearance than LP Rosé was. It is bigger, dryer, the colour is vivid cherry red, and instead of delicate strawberry and rose flavours it presents extravagant aromas of red cherry, redcurrant, cranberry, herbs and touch of black pepper by the finish.

This is a big and flamboyant pink champagne; one that makes you want to start celebrating from the first sip.



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