My dress was ready, hanging on a wardrobe door, bottle green silk number slashed to the navel. It needed a serious tan and a boob tape, and it made me look like I’ve escaped from one of Great Gatsby’s decadent parties. Champagne colour shoes and Art Deco gold earrings completed my outfit. We were going to a ball, saying farewell to the year with a bang. The theme was cinema of 1930’s.

I miss balls, I really do. As a Pole, New Year Eve is one of the most important days for us and an opportunity for a serious party. I miss that festive atmosphere when party is in the air and it seems that everyone is waiting to get swept up in music and glitter. Dresses are bought. Hair appointments are made. Parties often starts at 7pm and ends at the dance floor at 6am.

ray ban sunglsses -1-14

ray ban sunglsses -1-10

ray ban sunglsses -1-12

ray ban sunglsses -1-4

ray ban sunglsses -1-2

ray ban sunglsses -1-25

ray ban sunglsses -1-20

ray ban sunglsses -1-21

ray ban sunglsses -1-23

ray ban sunglsses -1-13

There’s something about fringes and feathers that make me wants to dance, to move to the rhythm of trumpets and saxophones. When I saw this fringed H&M skirt, I immediately imagined it in motion, dancing with me to Billy Steward’s Summertime.  As with H&M’s best pieces, they are always snapped up really quickly so I’ve trawled central London to find the last one in my seize in Covent Garden branch.

It turned out to be a very versatile piece. I’ve paired it with men’s t-shirt and cream sash to make it look like a modern version of 1930’s dress and for this session I added my favorite denim shirt from Zara for a mix of 30’s and 70’s. This is what I’m going to be wearing to NY party this year. As we are not going to a ball this year, denim top lends the skirt certain casualness needed to hang out in Trish’s garden, drinking champagne into the night.

I’m not done with Scott and Zelda just yet. The skirt will come with me to Juan-les-Pins this summer- we will hang out by the pool, pretending to be characters from one of the Fitzgerald novels.

I’m wearing; 

Skirt- H&M


Boots- LK Bennet 

Bag- vintage 

Sunglasses- Ray Ban


  1. Wednesday December 30th, 2015 / 10:15 PM

    I love your outfit, and the H&m skirt really look awesome for a 30s themed party. 🙂


  2. Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 / 08:58 PM

    Looks really great and you can wear it in many situations!
    Big like from Austria!

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