The whole American Wild West thing was a slow burner for me. It started with last year’s Chanel show in Dallas. Then came ads featuring K. Steward chewing on a grass-stalk. In the meantime my sister managed to get hold of a pair of embrioded cowboy beauties boots and she was very lucky that her feet are a size smaller than mine because I would have just grabbed the shoes and run if the boots fitted. My fate was sealed when in Bordeaux I wandered by chance into Mexicana store. I didn’t come out for a loooong time (my mother came to get me) and for the rest of the holiday I kept coming back to the shop just to have look at the shoes (they also stocked Maison Scotch tees and Cheap Monday skinnies).


Some of them were the traditional ones but my favorites were ankle high or just above the ankle, either phyton effect skin or very distressed looking, as if you had them for ages. Needless to say, I fell in love.

Since I never heard of the brand I looked them up, and sure enough, there was Charlotte Gainsbourgh aka the queen of cool, wearing them for a photo shoot. And Freja in May ’14 shoot for British Vogue. And Rosie. And the list went on. How could I have missed them?


They are quite expensive though (some will set you back over £400) and after eyeing a copuple of pairs on Net a Porter and Polyvore, I decided to start “Mexicana” fund. Basically, the idea is that I will make some savings by putting a stop to buying lipstick and going into Zara (OK, just not that often). I need to start thinking that every lipstick not bought will bring me closer to the beloved boots. I fantasize what I’m going to wear them with and The French’s lose tees take quite a prominent place. Leather jacket. That pea coat from Maison Scotch…


In the meantime, I got hold of classic cowboy boots which will have to do until Mexicana fund is full (or half full and there are sales on). On the photo I’m wearing them with my Isabel Marant for H&M leather pants, a wool jacket and a lace blouse which I had made to order. Any references to Mick Jagger and a dandy style are unintentional!



  1. Isabelle
    Friday December 5th, 2014 / 11:52 AM

    I live in Paris and I treated myself with my first pair of Mexicanas for my Birthday this year. It was a real investment as they are extremely expensive but I am still considering buying another pair anyway. I shall take your advice on creating a special Mexicana Black Suede with Swarowsky black crystal Sozey fund. Take a look at them on the Mexicana website as they would look gorgeous with your dandy outfit.

    • admin
      Friday December 5th, 2014 / 08:06 PM

      Thanks for recommendation-I’ve looked them up and they are amazing! Decisions, decisions…:)

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