I’m useless at buying “it” bags. Drews and Fayes of this world pass me by. Dionysus and I aren’t intimately acquainted and probably never will be.

Celine belt bag

Celine belt bag

Celine belt bag

Of course, I do consider buying an “it” bag every time a new one comes out. I’m not immune to constant exposure to them on Instagram. I even make trips to the shops only to change my mind, sometimes at the last minute.

But when I spotted Céline Mini Belt bag (uncle Google was my accomplice), there was an instant spark between us. We met in person and I knew- it was love at first sight. We came back to mine and are now inseparable.

What I love about it is how discreet it looks what with a complete lack of hardware. It doesn’t shout, it whispers. Blink and you miss it.


I’m wearing; 

Shirt- St Lauren 

Denim- Levis 

Shoes- Chanel

Bag- Céline Mini Belt bag

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