I’m going to Paris! And Trish is joining me for the second week! How cool is that? Giddy with excitement, I’m counting days until I get on a Eurostar and decamp for two weeks to one of my favourite cities in the world.

Yet again we are staying in the VII Arrondissement but this time we are about two minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. Whether it’s a good idea or not, the location will make it so much more convenient for those 5am photo shots with the famous backdrop.

Isabel Marant clothes -1-16

Isabel Marant clothes -1-10

Isabel Marant clothes -1-2

Isabel Marant clothes -1-8

Isabel Marant clothes -1

Isabel Marant clothes -1-7

Yes, you’ve heard it well-5am. That was in fact what I’ve been doing for the past week when back home. My mother couldn’t believe her eyes. I’m that girl who perfected “How to miss a plane in 5 easy steps” technique to a T. The French knows that when I say we are leaving in five minutes, he may as well take his shoes off and grab a TV remote. And yet. Since starting this blog I’ve learned how to organise my time so much better. So much learning was done by falling flat on my face. For example, I was late for shooting a few times and the light was gone. Or I didn’t do my hair and it looked like a bird’s nest on the photos so the shoot had to be repeated. And so on and so forth. But now the evening before I will have my hair and nails done, clothes ironed and lined up, paired with accessories and shoes, ready to be packed in the car the next day. In the morning I would do my make up, grab a coffee and get in a car. 10 minutes job.

But what am I going to wear in Paris? In my daydreams I have a wardrobe full of Isabel Marant pieces. I love her clothes, that particular brand of nonchalance and cool that I never seem to have enough of. So since sale has started on Net-a-Porter and in Selfridges, guess what I have been doing all evening yesterday…I actually haven’t bought anything yet but for a few glorious moments I had all that stuff in my basket 🙂

I’ve had to stop myself and calm down a bit so I could make a rational decision as opposed to grabbing everything in my seize. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, my palms get sweaty and my hart beats fast and I feel a terrible case of FOMO coming. Do you feel the same or am I just plain crazy?

The best thing about Marant pieces is that they look equally cool two seasons down the line. They are investment pieces in a true sense. Take this mini skirt I’m wearing on the photo. It was an H&M collaboration with Marant and I’ve been wearing it for to summers already. It took me couple of years to track those Marant boots but now that I’ve got them, I will wear them to death.

Because that’s Marant’s girl style- subtle tweaks and updates whilst staying true to herself. Je t’aime!

Ps. Look out for updates from Paris soon!

I’m wearing:

Military shirt- vintage (gift from my grandmother)

Skirt- Isabel Marant for H&M

Tee- Zoe Karssen

Boots- Isabel Marant

Bag- Chloe

Sunglasses- Dor


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