“Is it my coat?- asked The French when he saw me in a new addition to the coat family, overseized Karly by Isabel Marant. No- I said- but you can wear it, too- I added generously.


You see, The French is so used to me stealing his clothes that he wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he saw me wearing only his stuff. Jumpers, tees, jeans and his coat- everything goes. Well, I buy his clothes thinking “will I wear it?” so almost no item is safe from me.

But what I can do when men’s stuff is just on the hole better quality and a sharper cut? Take Zara for example. It’s been months since I actually bought anything from their womenswear.  I’m turn off by their flimsy fabrics and generally cheap looking stock. Maybe it’s just this season because I’ve bought many timeless pieces there in the past. But take me to -1 floor and I leave with biker jeans (in XS, still a little big but oh so cool), an armful of white, slightly overseized white shirts or men’s black t-shirts, so nicely cut they look designer.


I’ve been veering more and more towards mannish, slightly looser shapes. I used to think that they would swamp me but  when I look at Victoria Beckham (who ditched her body con dresses) in her mannish white shirt and wide leg trousers, I think- how fabulous.

Recently, I’ve been looking for a sharp velvet tuxedo for the festive season. Guess where I found the best one?

I’m wearing;

Coat- Zara men’s department

Jumper- Joseph

Trousers- Isabel Marant

Belt- Gucci


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