They are dangerous, those obsessions of mine. They start inconspicuously, from one photo. Can a photo induce madness? Somehow, the photo multiplies (Google Images, I’m looking at you), my browser history looks like a fashion equivalent of a repeated Ocado order and this is when a payday arrives in all it’s short living glory. Au revoir cash. We shall meet again in four weeks.

This time I’ve fallen hard for tweed. Not just any tweed but Chanel flap tweed bag. It’s from a previous season so not readily available but I can wait. I will stalk my fashion prey through the Internet jungle only to go in for the kill when the opportunity arises. Until then, I’ll happily play with my mother’s tweed jackets.

chanel jacket -1-16

chanel jacket -1-17

chanel jacket -1-19

chanel jacket -1-15

chanel jacket -1-12

chanel jacket -1-10

chanel jacket -1-7

chanel jacket -1-4

chanel jacket -1-3

chanel jacket -1-2

I swear, my mother will soon start hiding all her best pieces from me because every time I’m home I plunder her wardrobe to run away with bounty. But is it my fault she has the coolest stuff? If I’m nice I’ll only borrow things. Sometimes we exchange but more often than not I’ll demand an outright ownership.

I’ve always been partial to tweed because it’s such a versatile fabric, and foolproof, too. It’s that one items that looks great with piled on pearls, with jeans, lace, sneakers… I’m being obvious of course- anyone who ever saw Chanel ads knows what I mean. One jacket reinvented hundreds of times.

Famous Coco…I always think of what she said when her Parisian return to fashion after the World War II was less then successful. “We must continue, of course” became my motto and I think about it every time I want to drop everything and sit on the beach in the Carribean (and there are a lot of these moments).

Both jackets I’m wearing on the photos, whilst not Chanel, have that distinctive feel of modern elegance yet at the same time ooze a cool factor. Both are slightly oversiezed and perfect for layering a jumper underneath. In London’s relatively mild weather they can easily replace coats. Pairing them with leather pants (or jeans) makes the look very Vanessa Paradis (minus the cheekbones, sadly).

The jackets are vintage but I’ve recently discovered McGinn label and their fabulous tweed pieces. Only- they seem to be permanently sold out! Do any of you know where to buy it?

I’m wearing:

Jackets- vintage

Pants- Zara

Heels- Zara

Bag- Chanel

Jumper- Uniqlo

Sunglasses- Dior


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