I am so incredibly excited to share this post with you. I’ve recently came across one of the most beautiful lingerie I’ve even seen in my life. Crafted from French Chantilly lace, it’s handmade in London and totally affordable. No surprise that I fell on it like a hawk.

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I visited the studio (and it’s a hipster central, location wise) and talked to a super nice founder and owner of Luva Huva lingerie, Joanna Ketterer. I really didn’t know where to look when I got there- there were cascades of Chantilly lace everywhere, beautiful fabrics, mood boards and drawings and rows of handmade, ready to be shipped sets.

Luva Huva is an entirely ethical company. They use only organic, sustainable fabric and French Chantilly lace (doesn’t it sounds delicious?). All their pieces are lovingly handmade in London so there is none of that sweatshop business. And it’s not only French lace- there are baby doll tops made of bamboo jersey, organic cotton sets, dresses and nighties. But trust me- once you see their lace you will never want to wear anything else.

Joanna agreed to chat with me about Luva Huva so it’s over to her now:

“I’ve been in business for maybe 6 to 8 years. It was a gradual process, from working in my living room to having a team working for me.

I have a degree in printed textile design but after I finished university there was not much jobs going around in my field. I started making lingerie just for myself at first and my friends. I’ve always been very creative and I guess making the pieces fed my creativity.

I love lingerie. I’m a magpie for lace and beautiful details and being able to wear it ever day feels so exciting and special. I started making lingerie for myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted to in the shops. Some lace can really look cheap and I wanted quality (you should have seen me nodding furiously at this point). My friends kept telling me to try and sell my designs and at some point I decided to take it more seriously.

An inspiration behind my first collection was an English enchanted country garden. My big break came after I took part in a fashion show where I showed my collection. The press really picked up on the fact on ethical aspect of our pieces because at the time ethical lingerie wasn’t so much in fashion yet. I was using bamboo jersey sourced in America and end of lines fabrics.

From there the business really grew. We have a strong customer base in America (we also have a shop on Etsy), France and Germany where being ethical and sustainable is a really big thing. Some customers order as soon as a new collection hits our online shop. Our biggest sellers are lace pieces.

I’d like out team to grow in time but I don’t want Luva Huva to become a large company. I like the fact that we are a relatively small team. We all get involved in designing and making our collections.

Our customers really value the fact that all our lingerie is handmade. It feels more special”

I couldn’t agree more. I pre-ordered Sweet Juliet lace set and I pick it up as I leave. I try it on at home and I suddenly feel utterly sophisticated. A scarp of intricate lace peeks out from under my t-shirt (Insta alert!) and even The French remarks on it (he who’s an undying fan of bazookas courtesy of Victoria Secret).

I guess the only question is- which set do I order next?

You can buy Luva Huva lingerie on and Etsy.


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    Sunday July 26th, 2015 / 10:12 AM

    To dla 19stek. Młode cycki utrzyma.

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