It’s raining. It has rained – and the skies have been grey – for a week and half. I think I’m getting the winter blues…. traditionally by the end of November the late autumn gloom makes me depressed. I think I may be one of those unlucky people who are affected by the lack of sunlight. And it’s still a month to Christmas, the only part of winter I look forward to: this and the occasional visit to Eastern Europe when it is snowy.

So sometimes during the winter blues I like to remind myself of the long, bright summer – that now seems like so long ago. I have my way of doing so, like looking at photos from past holidays and trawling through travel agency offers to plan the next one. Also cooking something “sunny” like Caribbean food – do try Levi Roots’ recipes; they will take you straight to Jamaica. And there is wine as well. The bright and fruity Sauvignons from New Zealand or Aussie Chardonnays called, I think correctly over the last couple of decades, “sunshine in a glass.”

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But for me, the most sun-stroked wines are Rieslings and the best of these are the ones from Pfalz and Mosel in Germany, though not exclusively. Anyway, they are – the Rieslings – my favourite whites of all and I think they are good to drink all year around.


Bergrettung Dry Riesling Trocken Mosel 2012 essentially a dry Riesling but with a sweetish nuance at the finish, nicely balanced with a touch of mineral notes and a zesty, acidic centre, and fantastic lime, mango and white peach fruit cocktail that will carry you to the tropics right away. Try it with Asian food, it goes great with Thai. (£16 in Oddbins)


Weingut Max Ferd. Richter Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinet, Mosel, Germany 2012. Light yellow in colour. A very aromatic, floral nose with notes of lemon sorbet. Slightly off dry, mineral and floral palate with loads of complexity and moderate acidity. The palate is packed full of white grape juice, peach, elderflower and vanilla aromas. It’s dry until the finish when there is a touch of sweetness coming through. Delicious. ( around £13-£15 depending on seller)


Villa Wolf Dry Riesling, Pfalz 2013 comes from the maker of Dr. Loosen. An easy drinking crisp wine, zesty and refreshing in style, well balanced with delicate flavours of apple, peach and nectarine and “wet slate” minerality. (around £10-£11 depending on seller)






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