Autumn is upon us in full glory, dressed in opulent colours, carrying a basket full of the best food of the year. But her cape is heavy wool, trimmed with fur and she wears gloves against the cold.

At this time of year there is an abundance of fruit, vegetables and game; a time to gorge before the winter. The season of plenty.

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Though Autumn has its downside. It’s getting dark and cold. The first frost sets on the ground. The days are shorter and evenings longer and chilly, not to mention the rain…

For me this is a time when I start seeking cosiness and warmth. My palate is changing too both in food and wine. I stray away from salads and crisp white wines in favour of game, rich stews and heavier reds.

Domaine Clos Petite Bellane Côte du Rhône Villages Rouge “Les Éschalas” 2010 is one of my Autumn wines. It is a wonderful and complex red from the Rhone.

cdr bellane-1-3

In the glass, this Côte du Rhône glows like liquid rubies, sparkling with purple reflections. Smelling it, your nose will be filled with intense aromas of black cherry and blackberry with a touch of coffee, and some vanilla nuances promising wonders on the palate. In the mouth it is rich and full-bodied, carrying through with the aromas of the bouquet, but supported with fine tannins and very well balanced. Perfect with game and lamb dishes, or hard cheeses.




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      Thursday November 13th, 2014 / 02:12 PM

      Thank you Ivana.

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