My underwear drawer… Expectations- sophisticated scraps of lace. Reality- white utility cotton good for the gym and capoeira classes. Go on, admit it- is it the state of your underwear, too? It certainly was mine until I’ve decided to conduct a small experiment. I was going to chuck ALL of my underwear save for two pairs of sports sets (precisely for that capoeira classes). I would buy and wear wear only skimpy lace for a week.

agent provocateur -1-10

This of course required some serious shopping. Armed with my man’s bank card (he happily participated in the experiment) I went on a mission. First stop- Myla at Selfridges. Faced with spending £200 on a set I needed to think a) what did I feel comfortable in and b) what suited me?

agent provocateur -1-9

Option (a) was relatively easy but it turned out to be a more pricey one. I wondered, when holding up two rather small exquisitely embroidered triangles, why was the price so exorbitant? Yet, when I tried on the bra it looked truly great. It felt great, too. It gave me a lift, creating a lovely line and peaking (just a little) from under my deep v cashmere jumper. I decided to go for full briefs to match. They were pretty with little scallop edges but it was the bra that stole the show.

agent provocateur -1-8

Admittedly, not every soft cup bra looks good on women over 18 so I guess the more expensive they are, the better- after all you are paying for some serious craft.

Next I tried on a set from Agent Provocateur. I loved the intricately embroidered, exquisite tulle but it was a balconette and despite giving me that Marie Antoinette kind of look (you now exactly what I’m talking about), I kept falling out of the bra. An epic fail.

agent provocateur -1-7

Fortunately, they had a different bra model too and I happily left with a new set, swinging a pair of pink and yellow bags.

With me done I thought I could get something for my man, too what with the Valentine’s ay round the corner and all that. I remembered that my Victoria’s Secret bra I brought from Miami was hugely popular (meaning on seeing my cleavage me man tripped over on the street)(no, that’s not how we’ve met).

agent provocateur -1-6

Overall I’m not too keen on push ups. I’m short and I always think that with big boobs (it really doesn’t matter what’s your size, in VS bra you will look double D) there’s a potential I may look cheap. I tried to explain this concept to my husband but he didn’t understand. Cheap is wine, boobs are priceless. A man’s point of view. I tried to engage him on a subject of push ups in general but hearing words like “lift” and “heading south” made me insecure. I took them very personally. “Are you suggesting my boobs are heading south” I hissed. He rolled his eyes and clammed up.

agent provocateur -1-5

I wandered down New Bond Street to Victoria’s Secret store. Compared with understated luxury of Selfridges underwear department, VS was like a 90’s music video. Feeling like child in a sweet shop I kept pulling open the drawers to reveal candy color knickers, some leopard print pattern and fuchsia pink lace.

agent provocateur -1-4

It took me a while to find a bit more grown up set, not zebra, fluorescent or leopard print. Finally I selected oyster push up bra (there was no other kind) and thongs (again there was no other kind for this particle design), with black lace with gold flecks. The other set was nude, with full briefs and silver lace, a more sombre choice.

agent provocateur -1-3

Fitting rooms at Victoris’s Sectret are quite something. On the top floor there is a suite looking like boudoir, with comfortable sofas and pile carpet. It’s full of men loaded with shopping bags. I left the store with two more bags, this time striped candy pink. Given the glances they attracted on the street I might have as well been carrying explosives.

agent provocateur -1-2

So how was the experiment? Did it leave me feeling more sophisticated and grown up? Actually, yes. It was a pleasure to put them on and it was nice to know that I’m wearing an intricate lace under a formal outfit. Playing sports wasn’t really as much of a problem as I thought as it took me seconds to change into sports undies. As for my man…”Please, make it so you look like this forever” he said on seeing me clad in the oyster VS bra.  Agent Provocateur lingerie was also fairly successful whilst my favorite Myla set attracted a vague “That’s nice…” A man’s point of view.

And you? What is your lingerie situation?



  1. adka
    Sunday December 20th, 2015 / 02:21 PM

    hey you sell me Francoise Brief which is in the picture? because I am looking for such
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  2. Friday March 11th, 2016 / 04:16 PM

    I’m doing the same challenge (although i’ve yet to bite the bullet and throw out my old sets) I just put in a massive order at Agent Provocateur during their flash sale and i’m hoping everything fits well. Fingers crossed for a grown up lingerie wardrobe!

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