Life in pink. Rose tinted glasses. Drinks at the Sketch. I’ve been feeling pretty pink lately. Maybe it’s an impending Christmas when London turns into a notorious party town or maybe it’s becasue of the gloom of November weather. Whatever the reason, I suddenly wanted to do away with “I woke up like this” look or make up starring cheekbones and not much else. I wanted pretty doll’s eyes, soft skin and rosebud mouth. I wanted soft smokey eye make up. 

chanel make up-6070


chanel make up-6084

chanel make up-6101

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But as I am usually a minimal make up sort of person, would this look suit me? It was only one way to find out.

Tempted as I was to let myself loose at the duty free make up counters before my recent trip to Poland, I eventually decided to test the waters in more budget friendly way. I was lucky. Polish girls love make up and beauty products but demand quality without an extortionate price tag. In my local make up store ake the make up treasure trove I re-discovered Pierre Rene brand.


chanel make up-6140


chanel make up-6173

chanel make up-6077

chanel make up-6154

I used to love it during my eyeliner days because the product stayed put the whole day but this time I was after soft shades of vanilla, taupe, dusky rose, latte and dove grey. The eyeshadows turned out to be great, very pigmented yet sheer enough for a layered, soft smokey eye. The diffcult part was drawing a line under my upper lashes in a coffee colour pencil. I love this trick if I can get it right (some days it tickles mercilessly) because it leaves me with defined eyes without an obvious line on my eyelids. To finish off, I loaded on a mascara, something that I’ve stopped doing a very long time ago but I can totally see why an overwhelming majority of women declared mascara a product they couldn’t live without.

chanel make up-6178

chanel make up-6175

chanel make up-6155

I recently said sorry to blush, again a product that I haven’t used (on it’s own) for yonks (I normally mix it with bronzer for a natural lookig tan) and swept it on my cheekbones with a big fluffy brush.

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The overall result felt very pretty in a rather…fashionable way. You know, Kim Kardashian sort of look- dolls’ lashes, very defined eyes and full lips. Would I wear it every day? I’m a discreet beauty fan but there’s no denying that this look was getting me a lot of attention. For a day I would probably pair it down quite a bit but for an evening I’ll go all out and throw a contour, too for a good measure.

I’m using: 

Dior Diorskin Nude in Sable 

Pierre Rene eyeshadows & blush

Dior Diorshow mascara 

LO’real eybrow set 

Chanel lipgloss 

Mac concealer 

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