Think about someone you’ve always wanted to punch and just go for it- says our instructor Luke when I start running out of steam. But at the moment I can’t think of anyone.

My brain is empty and all I want is to sit down and catch my breath. Ashamed to admit it I keep punching until I feel faint.

You see, Trish and I decided to get ourselves a personal trainer. Being under no illusion that we would actually ever make it to the gym, when a leaflet landed through a letterbox advertising kickboxing one to one classes, Trish picked it up eagerly. Fitness with a home delivery- we were certainly interested.

Trish had wanted to try kickboxing for a long time and I’m willing to try anything as long as it’s vaguely called sport. I have my father to thank for this- from basketball (I might be short but I’m quick 🙂 to horse riding- I’ve done it all. More importantly- I enjoy it all.

Fifteen minutes into our first class and I’m out of breath. We learn how to throw punches and how to deliver kicks. In between Luke gets us to do short intense circuits. Despite feeling faint I’m beginning to really enjoy it.

The next day I can’t move. It turns out there are muscles in my body which-despite me playing sport for years, have been well and truly hiding until now. Now that I know their location, I threaten to go after them. Soon. When I can finally walk again.

It soon turns out that I’m OK at punching and rather quite good at kicking. I’m full of energy, too. I no longer feel faint and Luke amps our trainings, switching exercise around and making us use TRX. It’s a genius tool and maybe my abs are not thanking me now but guess who will be wearing a bikini this summer 🙂

“If you don’t do as I say I will kick your ass” I threaten The French and he laughs in my face. I’ve said that before when I was dipping my toe in capoeira. But jokes aside, our trainings makes me feel confident and strong. That moment when I put on boxing gloves is pretty magical and the feeling carries on long after we done. I feel like I can take on the world.


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