Contouring is out, strobe make up is in!” screamed a recent beauty headline and I eagerly clicked on the article. Does it mean that Kim Kardashian suddenly decided to abandon her cheekbones? I wondered.

face contouring- strobe make up-1-10

face contouring- strobe make up-1-11


face contouring- strobe make up-1-2

face contouring- strobe make up.f-1-2

face contouring- strobe make up-1-9

face contouring- strobe make up-1-12

Well, apparently not so but there’s a new beauty trend brewing under the surface- the strobe make up. Think Thierry Mugler Alien perfume ad circa 2007 and you will be on a right track.

But, but- you may say- I love my cheekbones! That’s that thing that Kate Moss and I have in common! I hear you. Cheekbones are the only thing that Kate and I have in common, too (except hers are real and mine are an illusion).

I’ve decided to combine best of both worlds and give myself luminous skin and Mossy worthy chiseled cheekbones. I used Inglot make up for this look. I’ve wrote about Inglot in my recent post “They took make up world by storm”. I’m totally in love with this brand. I recently bought a shimmering powder which is a combination of a highlighter, peachy blusher and very subtle bronzer. I also used Inglot contouring powder and two tones of nude eyeshadow to subtly contour the eye.

You can either go all out with the highlighter for an insanely angelic glow or tone it down a bit for that “I glow from within” effect. I went for the latter, sweeping the highlighter over my brown bone, on the apples of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose and a little on the cupid bow. I blended the face contouring powder in the hollows of my cheekbones taking care not to use it too close to my mouth. I can see how the strobe effect can be amped up for an evening for that beautiful otherworldly glow which looks so eye catching in superficial light.

Did you try it yet? Would you give up contouring?

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