For all that noise about 90’s revival, I still haven’t found anything resembling denim I used to wear as a teenager. Cigarette leg, stiff, strictly no stretch and very boyish- Wranglers were my favourite. I used to wear it with branded tees and sneakers (ahem).

These days, even though fashion magazines say otherwise, high street is still all about stretchy, high waisted, distressed, skinnies (not necessarily all in one). Try finding non stretchy jeans- even my Levis 501 are elasticated (unheard of in the 90’s). We’ve discussed this in the office the other day as I lamented the fact that my new pair of Diesel jeans (which has since found a new home at my mum’s) were stretchy. One of the girls said that it that was surely to accommodate growing seizes of our population. Perhaps.

I still have a mental image of our California holiday a few years back. I’m wearing my old Ralph Laurens, stiff, tight grip around the hips, worn to death, paired with a men’s t-shirt and a tan. Cool, carefree days and hot nights.

The answer to my quest was- for now, in The French’s closet. I simply nicked again his old pair of Diesels because they were the closest to what I wanted. They are a bit too big but I’ve a good tailor. But the other day I discovered a branch of Rokit round the corner from my office so perhaps my quest for perfect vintage denim is not over yet.

Perfect denim

Perfect denim

perfect denim

perfect denim

I’m wearing:

Trousers- Diesel

Shirt- Zara

Shoes- Valentino

Bag- Celine

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