I have to say I’m really glad this week is coming to an end- it was a busy one and I’m so over it. I can’t wait for the evening when a train will carry me away from hectic city to the peaceful seaside in the country.

I NEED A BREAK (2 of 4)

I think I’ll have a G&T on board or some champagne to ease my sore muscles. Two days of peace and quiet, reading and relaxing in the garden … no internet, no mobile phones and no TV!  Just me, the sea and sunshine…

All I need to do is to survive the last few hours of work, and my nirvana begins.

I NEED A BREAK (1 of 4)

Have lovely weekend too.  See you all next week!

 Josef & Philipp Brundlmayer Riesling Von Terrassen

Wine of the week

The boom for Austrian and German wines is still on rise, which makes me very happy because they are, and always have been my favourites. So since we are a fashion blog let’s follow the current trends in wines as well.  Today it’s a little number from Austria: the Josef & Philipp Brundlmayer Riesling Von Terrassen (@ Oddbins £13) – as I heard, apparently made by the youngest wine maker and vineyard CEO in the world, the 25 year old Philipp. If that’s true, this guy has a bright future on front of him because his Riesling Terrassen is absolutely fabulous. Medium bodied, very dry and very lush with ripe stone fruits such as peach and apricot, underlined with salty mineral notes and crisp refreshing citrus by the long finish.  A perfect partner for summer salads, oriental food or on its own. Yummy!

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Skirt Sika Designe

Hills Miss KG



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