How do you wear a blanket coat without looking like a lama galloping down the high street? Are ponchos for tall and lanky only? These and other questions whirled in my head when I dug my fashion cupboard (it sounds more glamorous than it is- it also houses our wine celler and various sport equipment) in search of my poncho collection. I have a lot of them, you see. I have been buying them each and every time fashion comes a full cycle and and lets down the catwalk long legged beauties who tend to make ponchos look easy and effortless. But are they really? How to make sure that you look more like Rosie Huntington -Whitley in THAT Burberry blanket coat and less like you a member of a Mariachi band?


Here are a few basic rules:

Go to town with accessories. Since most of your body will be covered by a big swatch of fabric, sunglasses, jewellery, bags and hats are your friends. For this shoot Trish chose overseized sunnies in the style of Park Avenue princess and I wore my trusted pair of aviators. I’m also wearing handmade bracelet made of layers of silver and golden honey amber, and a matching ring. Big swinging earrings would do great, too.


Wear heels. I’m short so for me heels are a must and OTK boots never fail to give my outfit an extra glam touch. My personal favourites are suede boots. I like how they quietly whisper of luxury. On the photos I’m wearing suede OTK boots from Prima Moda and Trish is rocking a River Island pair.


If in doubt, belt it. Look to Louis Vuitton for inspiration how to wear a belt this winter.

Wear thin layers underneath to avoid bulking up. That overseized knit from Zara? It’ll have to stay in the cupboard for now. Trish and I both wear thin long sleeved cashmere jumpers from Joseph.

Whilst glamming up can sometimes makes us look like we try too hards (talk about balancing excercise), the slouchiness of blanket coat will lend this look certain ”I just threw it on” (which,technically, is completely true) nonchalance.

It looks best in motion, swinging behind you when you stride, purposfully, someplace fabulous.



  1. Wednesday November 19th, 2014 / 02:50 PM

    Love this post/teach!!!! I’m obsessed with a good blanket coat, but not so into the whole llama look!

    XO Courtney
    Dress Outside The Lines

  2. Thursday November 20th, 2014 / 02:24 AM


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