Today was the first sunny day in London. Trish and I went to the gym, farmer market, cheese shop…shedding more and more clothes each step until we were in our t-shirts. It felt like Spring has finally arrived.

Whether it’s Spring or Autumn in your world (hi Jeanette!), comes a seasonal change we feel the need to clean out our closets, making space for new purchases or just simply wanting to get rid of excess stuff. I know that when I clean my clothes cupboard, my mind feels so much lighter.

I’m actually quite good at ruthlessly getting rid of stuff. That was one time last years when I got rid of 90% of my closet.  Then we moved houses and I donated 50% of what was left…But now, I could get dressed with my eyes closed and everything will look good together. More- the less clothes I’ve got, the more outfit combinations there are.

So without further ado, here are my rules to spring clean your wardrobe:

tips to spring clean your wardrobeTHE PARIS TEST  

Ok, you you’ve dragged everything out, cleaned out the shelves and now time to this what’s going back and what is going to your local charity shop. Where to start?

For me, the “Paris test” works every time (it doesn’t have to be Paris, it just happens it’s a place I adore and want to go to all the time). Just imagine you have 15 minutes to pack for a long weekend in Paris- what do you take with you?

Done? Chances are you probably picked out a few quality pieces that are you feel and look amazing. That’s the core of your new closet.

Now check if you have anything else that’s similar in your wardrobe. How’s the fit? Lets say you have three jackets, one is super nice and fits like a glove, two are OK but kind of like a bench in football- neither of them would be your first choice. Get rid of them. It’s better to have one amazing quality item than three so-so. You’ll always fall back on this one but on the day you have to chose the other one, you won’t feel your best and you’ll be annoyed with yourself for wearing it.

Tips to spring clean your wardrobe6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION 

We all have these items we are emotionally attached to even though they don’t suits us at all because either our style evolved or they just weren’t right for us from the beginning. They can be gifts from loved ones or items bought for ourselves as a celebration gift. Unless you actually wear them, it’s time to lose the attachment and get rid of them. Be ruthless. You’ll never wear this metalic jumper you Mum bought for you or that satin top your husband bought for you for Valentine’s day.  If you really want to keep an item but won’t ever wear it, put in a special box and treat it like a personal treasure. I still have one lace glove (I’ve lost the other one) and a lace scarf my Grandmother gave me some 15 years ago, put away neatly in my little treasure box.

How to spring clean your wardrobeBE RUTHLESS 

Now its time to sift through the rest. Remember your last season trendy purchases from Zara? Out with them. Less then fresh looking t-shirts? Good for cleaning clothes. You “forgot” about the piece for the past 12 months? Out.  Now ask yourself- if you were shopping right now, would you buy it? Does it make you feel confident? If the answer is “no” or even “I’m not sure”, out with it.

Don’t panicked if you are left with five outfits 🙂 These should be the items that make you feel and look amazing. There’s no room for mediocre clothes in your wardrobe.



  1. Katarzyna
    Wednesday May 30th, 2018 / 09:04 PM

    Ja tak mam z Londynem:) Czy założyłabym dany ciuch na ulice Londynu (właśnie z niego wróciłam, kolejny raz, już tęsknię, i cóż- te przepiękne, ubrane niby od niechcenia dziewczyny na jego ulicach!) Twój blog to dla mnie kwintesencja londyńskiej ulicy, dziękuję Ci za niego!
    Doskonały pomysł na sprzątnięcie szafy i też na styl- przed kupieniem ciucha zastanawiam się, czy pasuje na londyńską ulicę.

    • Ana
      Thursday May 31st, 2018 / 10:16 AM

      Katarzyno, ogromnie Ci dziękuje za tyle miłych slow! Londyn faktycznie taki jest chociaż w codziennym pędzie nie zawsze to zauważam. Mam nadzieję, że nie straci ze swojego uroku po Brexicie 🙂 Pozdrawiam ciepło.Ana

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