For the first few years of Living in London, I didn’t “get” London’s style. For me, London was always a wild child of fashion- utterly crazy and too dishevelled, and tatty to be taken seriously in the style department. London girls wore black, laddered tights and sported chipped nail polish. London was home to punk, dame Westwood an crazy, unwearable clothes shown during the London Fashion Week.

For my part, I was always more on board with French style- muted colour palette, classic cuts, great shoes to accessorise simple pair of jeans and cashmere jumper.  And whilst I’m still closer to that French aesthetic, things have changes in London and I love cool, nonchalantly dressed girls I see on London streets. With the raise of British bloggers (Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now, to ale just one), London style is being copied all over the world. London style became a thing.

I’ve put together a a set of “rules” which Londoners follow, even if it’s unconsciously. I’ve split in into two parts- general style rules and list of items items a London girl will have in her closet. I’ll publish second part next Sunday. Without further ado, let’s talk about style rules a la Londoner:

  1. They make it look effortless. 

How to dress like a Londoner

London girls don’t want to look like they’ve tired too hard. They like to be a little dishevelled albeit with a side of polish. How to achieve that? They don’t go all out- a wedding or there occasion isn’t a free rein to all at the same time- a fab dress, a blow dry, sky high heels, manicure, pedicure, smoky eye makeup…you get my drift.  A Londoner won’t do her roots for several weeks (or have the roots actually painted to achieve a lived in look), leave her nails short and natural and skips make tutorials on youtube (but likes a strong brown and a mascara).

2. They mix and mismatch

How to dress like a Londoner

Londoners love to thrown a spanner in the works and are great at putting together clothes which, in theory, should not go together at all. An evening dress with military parka, a PVC trousers and Victorian whimsical blouse or stripy t-shirt and leopard print coat are unexpected yet super stylish pairings. A true Londoner would balk at matching her handbag and her shoes, her nails, her coat. She need to have at least one element in her outfit that’s “off”, doesn’t match for that effortless effect.

3. She finds young, emerging designers.

How to dress like a Londoner

Chanel or Dior (or when it comes to British girls, Mulberry) have a universal appeal but the Londoners often pay tribute to their home grown, emerging designers. From t-shirts (Steadfast) to bags (L.O.N.B)  the Londoner’s pursuit of a distinct style makes her shop for lesser known brands. She is proud of her finds and happily shares her finds on Instagram- often starting new trends.

4. They love vintage

How to dress like a Londoner

London girls are known for their love of vintage. Some even collect Ossie Clarke dresses, other-s 1940s frocks. London’s Clerkenwell Vintage fair twice a year are a real treasure. Londoner’s love their leather jackets beat up and Levis vintage which they find at London’s Rokit (Covent Garden branch is best) The 1940s tea dresses are often matched with leather jackets or oversized blazers, and 1950s skirts with white t-shirts and heavy boots. With vintage, it’s about unexpected pairing rather than getting “the look”.

5. Always knowingly underdressed.

How to dress like a Londoner

You will be hard presses to find a Londoner who is dressed up head to toe complete with a blow-dry and a manicure to match (unless its a Fashion Week of course, and even then- see No1.). She will do anything to avoid looking perfectly put together. If she attends a wedding, she would most probably pair her dress with flats or a leather jacket, or leave her hair in an artful mess. It all goes back to looking effortless.

6. Timeless prints.

How to dress like a Londoner

The London girl kees her prints simple and classic and the ones she will have in her closet withogh fail are breton stripes, floral (often small and dark), and leopard print (even the British Prime Minister is partial to some leopard print). These prints are timeless and super versatile and she often puts two of them together them for a a surprising yet stylish effect.

7. Puss in boots.

How to dress lie a Londoner

Despite ever present designer sneakers on the streets, the Londoner love for boots is ever enduring. She will wear them all year around, in winter with her leather leggings and a oversized coat, in summer with flow dresses or cut off denim shorts. Maybe it’s to do with the unpredictable table London weather or maybe it’s because they add instant cool to almost every outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to now what Londoners have in their wardrobes, come in next week on Sunday 🙂

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