I’ve been saying I will make post about Londoners’ wardrobes for a few weeks now, and I  feel every time something stands in my way. In truth, making a new life for ourselves in France, whilst at the same time running a business in London, and trying to build another one has been quite challenging, time wise.  Well, I have a tiny amount of time left but everyday pressure caused me to find a release in drawing (my childhood passion), so if you want to know what I’m up to in the evenings, you are welcome to check out @les_filles_et_paris account ;).  I’ve also been unsure about which directions to take my blog because in the last few months it had become very clear to me what my style is and yet, for a fashion blog it may be to repetitive and quite…austere.  I can’t say that’s a conundrum I’ve sorted out yet but perhaps moving forward there won’t be so many photos of me but there will be more about simplicity and minimalism. So thank you for sticking with me in the last couple of month and I hope you will part of my new journey.

ht to dress like a Londoner

how to dress like a londoner

hot to dress like a Londoner

how to dress like a Londoner


hot to dress like a Londoner

So without further ado, here’s a list of items London girls have in their wardrobes:

  1. Vintage Levis- the rein of skinnies is well and truly over in London. After a phase of mom jeans, Londoners happily settled on  Levis jeans- either vintage or vintage looking with straight legs and high waist. A lot of Londoners buy their in vintage shop Rokit. I’ve always wanted to try Re-done because theirs have stiffer denim and straight slim leg- basically what I was wearing in the 90’s 😉 and now, that the brand offers free worldwide shipping, I may finally take a plunge.
  2. Leather jacket- something you can throw over a floral dress to toughen it up. Londoners like theirs nicely beat up. Again- vintage is great but All Saints is better.
  3. Flowery dress- either a short minidress with small floral print (if you remember Kate Moss first collaboration with Topshop, you may remember a red, poppy  wrap dress, which seemed to became a formula for all wrap, floral Realisation par dresses), or a midi, flowy dress, often worn with boots. Whereas it felts like every “Instagram” brand now does wrap, flowery dresses, LB Bennet is often Londoners’ choice for midi ones.
  4. Breton top- almost every shop does them but check out Saint James for a well made take on a classic. It’s often worn with parka or leopard print coat.
  5. Boots- I’ve mentioned in previous post about how boots are Londoners’ footwear of choice. There are so many brands these days and so many shapes- from block ankle heels which are great with minidresses and jeans, to classic Susanna by Chloe, often worn with leather trousers and military parka.
  6. Parka- this is one of these timeless items that they are in fashion even if the designers don’t explicitly say so.  Londoners love to throw it over a dress to make the outfit look cool and effortless.
  7. Vintage T-shirt- need I say any more? If you cannot get a real vintage piece, Stedfast London does the best ones (check out the men’s section).

Chances are that you have all these items in your closet already. Because trends or not, when all it’s said and done, fashion wise, it’s those trusted, all year around items that serve us time and again.

PS. I don’t smoke or read Le Figaro but I needed props for te photos 🙂



  1. Paulina
    Monday February 11th, 2019 / 11:19 AM

    Odjazdowa stylizacja zdjec 🙂

    • Ana
      Sunday February 17th, 2019 / 01:52 PM

      Dzekuje 🙂 xx

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