Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that cowboys boots and statement trench coats are everywhere this season. I love both because they are so timeless and classic and despite new models being reissued this spring, you can just as easily find them in vintage shops or dig them out from your mother’s closet.

A silk nightgown worn as a dress is neither new nor trendy but that’s precisely why I like it.  I’m not one to wear ruffles, which are going to be everywhere this spring and this is as much girly as I can get. It also reminds me very much of dresses worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and this is always a bonus. Unless it’s a silk top, I wouldn’t wear it on its own but would pair it with either a coat or a soft, long cardigan.

How to look effortlessly stylish

Cowboys boots have always been favourite of mine. I don’t really pair my classic ones (not shown here) with jeans but I guess it could be done as an ironic statement- if I knew how to do it without looking like I was on the way to rodeo.

How to look effortlessly stylish

But cowboys boots are a dream with dresses because they provide contrast, so necessary for effortless look. If you are looking to buy a pair, Mexicana does the best ones and has amazing variety. I feel like this season’s models, including Ganni cowboy boots, which I’ve seen everywhere, are heavily inspired by Mexicana.

How to look effortlessly stylish

Recently I’ve been exploring the idea effortlessness, trying to get to the roots of the concept and to look beyond literal guides. I feel like this outfit has just the right ingredients- it looks a bit “off’ and it doesn’t strive for perfection yet it doesn’t look like I’ve dressed in the dark.

What about you- which trends will you be doing this season?

If you like the idea of effortless look, you can visit my other blog, Sascha & The Boys where I’m exploring ingredients of effortless style.

Silk dress- Intimissini

Trench- Burberry

Shoes- St Laurent

Bag- no name


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