Comes Saturday and all I want to do is to put my suits in the back of my closet and wear something a little less constricting. That said, I’m not into a full on casual look, mainly because boyfriend jeans and sneakers in tandem tend to swamp me and make me look bigger that I am. So on my days off I’m torn between wanting to be comfortable and wanting to wear all those fabulous clothes I don’t have a chance to during my working week.


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Last Sunday Trish and I went for a treat at Le Chandelier. Having recently entered an unchartered territory of my career I found myself working virtually every weekend. So last Sunday was the first on in a few months when I could enjoy one of the biggest pleasures in life-  good conversation in a great company (+ champage + cakes= bliss).

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I opted for my trusted Ralph Lauren skinnies, softest tee in the world and over the knee suede boots. A piece de resistance was my boxy tan leather jacket.  I accessorized with amber and vintage ivory jewelry, and my python effect clutch I brought from France last year.  I loved how the cream ivory and yellow amber accentuates warm brown colour of my jacket. My jewelry has a sentimental value. My amber necklaces were designed and commissioned by my talented brother when he was only 8 years old. His is the intricate design of a shotgun based on XVII century weapons.




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The jewelry is currently in my house “on loan until further notice” (and we all know what that means). The ivory bracelet was a gift from my husband’s grandmother who is an insanely glamorous woman (think leather pants and sequin jacket at the age of 80). On a hot Carribean nights we sat on a terrace drinking rum and I was admiring her beautiful jewelry when she brought out a bag full of ivory pieces and told me to chose one. She collected them many years ago when she was living in Cameroon and I treasure my bracelet knowing how much those pieces mean to her.





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So how to do relaxed chic on the weekend? Here are my rules:

@ Choose a statement piece. I opted for a tan leather jacket, obsessed with tan that I am. There’s an array of beautiful jackets on the high street, from suede fringed at Miss Selfridge to sleeveless coats at Zara. I’m currently coveting Burberry jacket- shrunken leather and battered with lots of zips.



@Accentuate the positive. After many years of coveting washboard abs I finally realised that my biggest assets are my legs so I show them off whenever I can (Because if you cannot now, when can you? In 30 years time?). So as much as I like boyfriend jeans and flats combo, they do absolutely nothing for me. My formula is simple: slim pants + heels =long legs. The heels must be comfortable and walkable otherwise your discomfort shows and it doesn’t look good.



@ Accesorise the hell out of the outfit. Now is the time to bring out all the jewelry you cannot wear to the office. For work I normally sport pearls and maybe a charm bracelet if I’m feeling adventurous so weekend is the time to bring out bolder pieces. I don’ treat them too seriously though. Even family heirlooms should be worn in a relaxed way. Diamond necklace or pile of pearls? They will be prefect companion to your slouchy tee and ripped denim.


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@ Comfort- but not the sweatpants and sneakers variety.  What I mean is that kind of comfort that comes from trusting you sense of style and knowing you look good in your clothes. This knowledge will make you look sensual, relaxed and chic.



What do you wear on a weekend? Do you dress up or do you prefer casual clothes?

Leather jacket- custom made 

T-shirt- Zoe Karssen 

Boots- Stuart Waitzmann 

Wool trench- Burberry 

Jewelry- vintage

 Jeans- Ralph Lauren Denim Supply 



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