We took these photos near my new office. I still can’t believe we’ve moved there. I step out for lunch and don’t know where to look for all the beautiful corners of Covent Garden.

I feel like we’ve come such a long way, from an empty room at the back of beyond to a lovely place in the heart of London. It’s good to take s step back sometimes.

how do you define success

how do you define success

how do you define success

how do you define success

When I recently posted on Instagram that I was thinking of selling my firm in the future, I received a few private messages asking me if I was really going to do it.  I think the general tone was that of a slight disbelief- I mean why would you give up a successful career?

There was a sentence in Garance Dore’s book where she says that everyone has to define their own success. It really resonated with me and I started thinking- what’s my definition of success?

And I realised (or maybe I knew all along but I had to spell it out to myself) that it has always been freedom. Total, utter freedom and that includes a financial one. Did I mention I’m an Aquarian?

Becoming a consultant and then creating my own firm meant that I’m hopefully well on the way. I have no boss, no one to tell me what to do and how to do it.  I can well and truly say that by my own definition, I’ve become a successful women.

But I know that my goal will probably evolve further because my appetite for freedom is insatiable. I want to be able to get up and go, be it see my family, travel to Paris or wherever I feel like at any given moment. And I want to have means to do it.

So that’s my definition of ultimate success. Like everything in life it takes time. It took me over a decade to be where I am now.  I’m a fan of baby steps so watch this space- in ten years 🙂

What’s your definition of success?

I’m wearing: 

Trousers- Zara

Trench- Burberry 

Shoes- Celine

Jumper- MRM (men’s) 

Glasses- Carolina Lemke 


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