This morning (I’m writing this post on Monday evening) I was feeding my Instagram obsession (I think I’m just nosy always wanting to know what’s happening in other people’s lives), when I saw exciting news from the Mr Cheekbones himself, Oliver Rousteing announcing that Balmain will be collaborating with H&M this autumn!

what to wear to work in the summer -1-19

what to wear to work in the summer -1-13

what to wear to work in the summer -1-4

what to wear to work in the summer -1-12

what to wear to work in the summer -1-11

what to wear to work in the summer -1-14

I was beside myself with excitement. My imagination immediately run wild and I was going to work with my head full of imaginary (at this stage) clothes I will hopefully be able to buy. Imagine the dresses, the jackets, the shoes! At the same time I was gripped by the same anxiety I felt before H&M collab with Isabel Marant. I couldn’t sleep for a week worrying that by the time I get to the shop everything would be gone. On the way back (having bought a shed load of clothes) I was griping handles so hard my knuckles went white. I was seriously worried that people would try to wrestle the bag from me. Ok, you may think it’s a bit excessive but when it comes to owning clothes from my favourite designers, I really have no shame.




But it was worth it, the 4a.m start and braving the cold on early November morning. These clothes became staples of my wardrobe and because they are so timeless, I wear them time and again in different combinations.




So this morning I immediately hatched a plan. I was going to camp outside H&M, hell maybe even bring a tent (just kidding). My man will be tasked with keeping me in hot tea and Trish will have to do a shift, too if she ever wants to borrow any of the clothes. Of course, by then I will know exactly what I would like to get my hands on, so once the door opens it’d be a question of swift execution.



What I love the most about Balmain are the jackets. Of course, I adore their magical, intricately made dresses but for me there’re jackets that always steal the show. From olive green military inspired leather from a/w 2014 to classic but with a twist jackets from this season, I covet them all. Throw Balmain shoes in the mix and I seriously don’t need to shop for another year (did I just said that?)



Today I’m wearing my Burberry jacket and a white full skirt my mother had custom made for me (she had cleverly asked for pockets on the seems- a great idea). It’s a perfect outfit on the days in the office when I need to look smart (as opposed to rocking up in my jeans) but a full suit is not required.  I love to push the sleeves up- I think it lends an outfit certain nonchalance. If the sleeves won’t to stay up, keep the in place with a thin elastic band- thank you for the tip, Olivia Palermo.




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