A quick hello from Strasbourg where The French and I went on a workshop. That is to say, he works and I shop.

I’ve been exploring Strasbourg on foot, getting lost in narrow, cobbled streets of historic city centre and relaxing with a book and a glass of Riesling in an enormous bathtub in our hotel. I’ve plundered my local Sephora and came away with hard to get in the UK bounty. In the evenings, The French and I explore restaurants in the Old Town, trying to find vegetarian options in meat-and-potaoe rich alsatian cuisine (as a good Pole, I love me my cabbage and potatoes but struggle with meat).



It’s been a lovely, slow paced holiday away from neck-breaking pace of London. I’m expecting to be crazy busy between now and Christmas so I’m going to enjoy the last few days of bliss. Happy weekend!

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