Happy Birthday to…us! Champagne Girls About Town were one year old on Saturday! We were toasting with champagne (sorry to be so obvious :)) and who else but you, girls? Thank you for being here with us, for coming back time and again, for your kind comments. Without you this site would not exist. So here’s to you!!!

I thought that it would be a good time to reflect back on our journey. It’s incredible what Trish and I learnt in one year, from writing (the more we did the easier it was) to posing (OK, maybe not that one)(a year ago- “Just take that photo!”, now “There! A patch of light!” :), everything became so much more familiar. We are still learning (what would you say to videos?) but we thought that those of you who are at the beginning of your blogging journey may be interested in a few thoughts…So here are a few blogging tips:

@ Posing for photos- it still feels strange to be in front of a camera. I used to be that person in our family who always came out with double chin- literally on every photo. I used to just stand there, pose, on hearing a click change to a different pose…I had no idea what do do or what angle I look best at, hoping that somehow it would be OK.  I finally “got it” in February when I worked with a professional photographer, Krzysiu Walicki (you saw his work in 5 lessons I learned from Kate Moss for example).  Krzys got me to move around, think nice thoughts and somehow made me look more animated. It kind of clicked in my head. I realised that I needed to move a little bit at a time, to keep changing, ever so slightly, an angle of my head and body. Head up, down, right, left, walking diagonally, walking towards the photographer…It’s going to sound weird but I also sing. Hahaha, really. Singing makes my face more alive and sometimes the photos look funny but there will always be a few I’m happy with. There are often over a hundred photos from one session and so the next step is…

@ Ruthless editing. As tempting as it it to put all 150 photos of me walking down the street (just kidding), we’ve learned to edit them to 6-10 at the most. My best measuring stick is to ask myself- what if this photo were to end up in Vogue, would I be proud of it? If the answer is no or maybe, it won’t make the cut.

@ Choosing a photographer. We were very lucky to have my fabulous @behindtheseventhdoor and his wonderful equipment at our beck and call (all the Paris photos (here or here are his) and that our regular photographer turned out to be very talented- something he (or we for that matter) didn’t know when we set out on this journey.  Photos are so important for us as we want to you feel like you are looking at pages of a magazine. I doubt we would be where we are if not for our boys. We are all still learning, though 🙂

@ Details- like a speck of dust or a fingerprint on a mirror- will come out in the photos in all their annoying glory. Likewise crooked hems and other…things. Like that time we ruined a photoshoot by having my red suitcase in the background on every photo. We’ve since learned to examine every detail, pay attention to what’s in the background (blue wheely bins be gone) and wipe that lipstick case before we press OK.

@ Writing- that’s probably my most favourite part. That’s why my post are often long like a too long tail. Some days are easier than others and sometimes I write posts week or so in advance and I can’t wait to publish it. But sometimes my head is so empty I feel like I’d never be able to write another word again. Yes, it’s easy to just churn out a few sentences but every time I catch myself doing just that, I’m annoyed with myself and delete what I’ve just written. I don’t want to be a lazy blogger.  I want to write posts that I think you would read with interests and I want to write something I would want to read myself. It’s always a question I ask myself- would I read it? Would I like it? I know that visual blogs are very popular these days but we want out site to be Caroline de Maigret of blogs- meaning interesting, intelligent and with integrity. Even if are just taking shoes 🙂

Do you have any tips on photography/writing or blogging in general? Share them with us!


  1. Thursday October 15th, 2015 / 06:21 AM

    Good tips! Especially the one about how to decide if the photo is something you’re proud of. Happy birthday!


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