Hello July! Hello nomadic life of a summer traveller! I’ve missed you all those dark and long months but you are finally here. All those adult things I have to do (like running a businesses and managing employees:) somehow get little easier when there is a boat trip in a horison.

Chloe bag-1-7

Chloe bag-1-14
Chloe bag-1-4
Chloe bag-1-15
Chloe bag-1-5

Chloe bag-1-9

Chloe bag-1-11

Current location- Normandy. After a long and leisurely lunch at Portsmouth marina we set sail for France. I must admit that I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting the duty free ship in it’s candy colour sweet smelling glory. We arrived at midnight and this morning I woke in an ancient manor house with no one and nothing around us (ok, there may be some sheep).

The summer has just begun and The French’s dairy suddenly filled up with elaborate plans and detailed itineraries he had no idea about. From the coast of Normandy and rooftops of Paris through to the Old Town in Prague and sailing around the rugged Brittany coast, summer awaits.

You will forgive me this relatively short post I hope. I keep losing signal and I can smell the coffee scent wafting from downstairs. Tonight’s party might just be a highlight of this month. Time to do my nails!

The dress I’m wearing on the photos was one of the options I considered for tonight’s party. It’s Altuzarra for Target and looking at it you would never guess it’s a a collaboration with a chain. The cut, details, craftsmanship- everything was done to such a high standard that even my mother who knows her designer when she sees it,thought it was Gucci.

At the end I decided to wear a different dress but this one I will definitely have in my summer arsenal of bohemian party dresses.

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