Say cashmere and I’m sold. Say grey cashmere and I’ll be queuing up, trying to hand you over my wallet. Whilst I’m forever professing my love for Joseph (The cut! The quality!), cheaper cashmere will do just as fine as long as the cut is right (a hint of furmpsville will send me running for the hills).


Some of my cashmere jumpers are ancient. Well, a decade in a life of a sweater IS ancient. As much as get a buzz from putting on new cloths, there is something to be said about your old favourites, which you can rely on to make you look and feel good.


About a decade ago I went throguht (a very long) phase of having extremly sophisticated style, trying to look like what Plum Sykes described in her hilarious book ”Bergdof Blondes”- Park Avenue Princess. Think cream, grey, sand and luxurious textures of cashmere and silks. I have moved on a bit, style wise, to incoroprate clothes that gives me a certain edge but I still have some of my old  clothes from the Park Avenue era.


I was very happy when a trend came about that gave my grey cashmere set a new lease of life. On the photo I’m wearing my old Sisley grey polo neck and Sisley cardigan drapped  over my shoulders. The jewellery you see is a hand made set, yellow roses carved in amber.

Whilst I’m on the subject of wool, I have to mention hand warmers you see Trish and me wearing on the photos. Ever since Karl Lagerfeld had put them on his models crica 2005, hand warmers never really went away. Flying under the radar they conjure images of an off duty ballet dancer, putting them on after a class, battered pointe shoes stuffed in her Repetto tote.


And you- how long do you keep your clothes? Do you have trusted favourites?



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