Paris in the summer- warm cobblestones of the streets of Montmartre, afternoons bathed in golden light, (too much) Isabel Marant in my suitcase…Rolling out of bed every morning to the smell of coffee and throwing on an outfit for a photoshoot with @behindtheseventhdoor…It was so easy then, getting ready- a dab of foundation, a little bronzer and I was good to go.

It was my hair, you see. In Paris I felt really good about it for once. It may sound like a cliche but you would be hard pressed to find a blow dried “do” there. Even in the financial district, La Defence (don’t ask me what I was doing there) I didn’t see hair that had been obviously tampered with, the way you see City girls in London- all poker straight shades of champagne blond.

“Natural”, messy, disheveled- it was “I woke up like this” at its best. It was easy to get used to do so little to my hair, especially that it behaved itself. Until I returned to London that is, when my hair returned to the usual frizzy self, unruly and with plans on it’s own.

I work up like this

I woke up like this

We carried on, me trying to get it into heated submission, it- having different plans to mine. I longed for that Parisian easiness and nonchalance of effortless hair. And then I came across Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It (H)air styler cream. It seemed simply- you put it on towel dried hair and do precisely nothing. The verdict? Well…

What you see on the photos is a result of a dollop of B&B cream and my hair being left largely to it’s own devices. Once my hair was 99% dry I gave it a quick once over with my BaByliss Big Hair rotating dryer/brush just to ensure that there are no flyaways. The results? Soft gleaming waves, a little messy, entirely effortless. I write this post a day after the photos were taken and my hair look even better- sleek and soft, hanging in loose curtains without the usual morning frizziness.

If I say I woke up like this, it certainly won’t be a lie.

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