“Louis, you’ve got to do something- I insisted on the phone to my hair stylist- I think I’m so over blonde! It has to go and it has to go now!” “No problem- he said- do you know what you want?”

“So…I’ve been thinking and I think I want a cross between Tasha Oakley and Giselle Bundchen, and that photo you showed me once saying we will do it for winter except I want it now”. He totally got it. “Just come in on Sunday” he said.

Do you remember when I told you that the reason I went so blond was because I gave myself hideous DIY highlights? During the damage limitation exercise I thought “what the heck” and went very blonde. I guess one has to do it once in a decade. But now I wanted something different, something more understated.


Louis matched the top section to my natural hair having looked at my roots and my older Instagram photos for reference. He then painted the top section (literally painted) going for a bit longer ‘root” at the back to make it look very natural, like I’ve been growing my hair out for a while. He then bled the dye towards the ends, softly fading minky brown, strand by strand to make it look like my ends were highlighted in the sun.

“Blow dry?”- asked Louis at the end? “Make me look like I’ve just came back from the beach” I said and got the best tousled waves in my life. Only the beach was missing.

What do you think? I guess I’m in love with my new hair. Bronde is here to stay.




  1. Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 / 02:35 AM

  2. Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 / 02:21 PM

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I had a blonde disaster in my time but over the years we achieved a very natural colour and I wouldn’t change it as it took me ages to get it! x

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