I basically have two moods- obsessed and uninterested. At the moment I’m obsessed with a super cool style of a German blogger, Maja Wyh. If you don’t know her yet, do look her up (here) but be prepared to spend a crazy amount of time on her blog and Instagram feed. You know how it is, one minute you’re liking a photo, two hours later you are down an Instagram rabbit hole of your girl’s crush feed…

I’m totally obsesed with Maja’s style for a few reasons. First of all, she truly marches to the beat of her own drum. She goes against the grain, “sameness” of recent fashion and Revolve clothing crew peddling the same stuff without putting their own spin on things. She is a testimony to the fact that being yourself, even when you are totaly different from majority of girls on Instagram, is the best investment in your own style.

Secondly, she layers like a pro. A queen of overseized, she expertly puts together layers in a way that makes you think “of course, they’ve been made for each other” whilst cursing yourself you haven’t thought about it first. I’ve put togeter a few outfits inspired by her style and realised that something I used to believe for many years is completly untrue- overseized clothes and layers don’t make me look fat. Quite to the contrary, actually. Not only that but they have an indisputable cool factor. I’m completly sold.

Maja’s Instagram photos are a distant reminiscent of Juergen Teller’s campaings for Celine. There’s a story to them, sometimes the photos are dark and moody, sometimes inspired by works of art. From a point of view of a fashion blogger, there’s a consistency and thoughfulness  to her feed, something that no doubt speak to her followers (as it did to me).

I love her style and she inspires me like no one else in fashion. Do you know her? Do you like her style?

I’m wearing;

Isabel Marant trousers 

Alexander Wang dress 

St Lauren boots 

Celine bag

Dior sunglasses 

Vintage fur 


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