What to give your man for Christmas?

The answer is: “I don’t know!”

Every time I think about it I draw a blank. It’s the same when I ask any of my girlfriends: “I don’t know, they say, he doesn’t want anything!” Or, “my husband has everything.”

gifts for him 3-1

So what do I give a guy who claims to have all he needs, hate surprises and is fussy??! You need to put something under that Christmas tree! And I can’t afford too get him a Ferrari (and even if I could I would buy it for myself). Another cookery book? A DVD box set? M&S socks? Booorrring!!!

Men can be so frustrating sometimes!

gifts for him 5-1

Ultimately I’ve decided to go for something classic. You can’t go wrong with beautiful lamb wool or cashmere scarf, or soft leather gloves. Perhaps great quality leather belt with an cool buckle or nice watch?gifts for him 2-1

You can even get away with spirits. Good bottle of interesting whiskey, or aged cognac, hell even high quality vodka or crafted gin – whatever is your guy’s poison- should do the trick.

Just make sure that anything you buy is the best quality you can afford. One item of superb quality is worth 100 times more than tons of tat!




  1. Sunday December 21st, 2014 / 06:15 AM

    These absolutely is the best gift, a man can accept!Always keep classics, are you sure you won’t go wrong!

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