Around January I start experiencing severe boredom with current trends. By this time of year (and I start planning for my winter wardrobe around mid August) I’ve already done major and less major a/w trends several times over. January sales provide a bit of distraction but generally I’m already on a lookout for new season updates, pouring over Vogue Collections and putting together mood boards and lists of must-haves.

Topshop skirt- topshop boots 1-1

That’s not to say that I change the whole closet from season to season. Far from it. Rather, I try to buy pieces that will fit seamlessly into my existing wardrobe and withstand the test of time.


I love fashion but I’m more interested with how the trends fit into my life rather than how to fit right bang in the current trend parade. I’m ruthless, if the items doesn’t go with my lifestyle, it’s not coming back home with me. Even if it’s calling my name repeatedly, threatening to haunt me for the foreseeable.


The beauty of living in London is that you can embrace your individuality (cliche of what?), push the boundaries or just hide in plain sight if you want to. Nothing is off limits. You can wear a full length gown complete with a bonnet and no one will bat an eyelid. People are likely to assume that you are taking part in some sort of art project (if people are staring at you, they are tourists).


Today, I’m going back to 70’s yet again. To those of you who know a little bit about British popular culture I’m going to say two words: Del Boy. That was my first reaction when I saw this shearling coat (on the main photo only, unfortunately other photos of the coat didn’t make the cut), followed swiftly by “NO. WAY”. But. But. Once I did try it on, it turned out to be an extremely flattering piece with laid back factor about it. I can easily imagine myself wearing just high waisted denim flares, white slouchy tee and no jumper, shearling thrown over my shoulders. Yes, it’s that warm and very, very light.


I’ve paired it with my python effect leather boots from Topshop, blush Topshop skirt and my trusted Joseph jumper. Those boots will walk me to the next season and probably to the season after next. I will be wearing it with all the suede I can get my hands on.

One of the most wonderful things about London is that it manages to combine tradition with new ideas. It translates into all walks of life including fashion. Burberry is probably the best example, reinventing the classic trench over and over again.

Burberry coat- Topshop boots -1

Since I bought my Burberry wool trench you see me wearing on the photos, I’ve made it one of the hardest working items in my wardrobe. I wear it when I want to look particularly elegant, paired with suits and heels. On other days I just need plain (but well cut) canvas to be able to set off more unusual clothes or accessories against it. I love how the classic coat and monochrome outfit look together with my kooky boots, balancing one another in a fusion called London style.

And you- did you chose your spring summer pieces yet? And what do you think of London style?



  1. Monday January 19th, 2015 / 11:23 PM

    those boots! yes! they are co cool!

  2. Tuesday January 20th, 2015 / 02:12 AM

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