Paris is making me test myself and I’m failing miserably. I haven’t seen a vegetable in over a week and I will soon forget how to spell “veggies”. Not only I’m being lured by crepes on every corner but Cafe Pushkin and Ladurée are calling me name several times a day.

Holiday in Paris -1-2

Holiday in Paris -1-10

Holiday in Paris -1-8

Holiday in Paris -1-15

Holiday in Paris -1-9

Holiday in Paris -1-18

Holiday in Paris -1-14

Holiday in Paris -1-13

Holiday in Paris -1-4

Add to it Moroccan and Algerian cuisine, traditional French one and the fact that our bakery across the road is making the best breakfast pastry in the world, it was inevitable that a fat day would ensue.

Whether real (hello water retention, I was waiting for you the whole month) or imaginary, induced by too much croissants, days like this are no fun. I’m irritated and irritable, and furious with myself for pigging out.

Yet there is nothing I can do. Bad hair days can be somehow fought with by using copious amount of Kerastase hair products but fat days? Not so. I know tomorrow’s another days so the only thing to do is to put on a slimming outfit and hope for the best.

My fallback outfit is my black Burberry jacket and black jeans. Hardly a groundbreaking stuff but it makes me feel so much better about myself. I would normally add a silk shirt (and roll up the sleeves) but this top is so pretty, so intricate that I couldn’t resist putting it on. I added heels of course- with my hight (5’2” “in a hat”) high heels are a must for me on fat days.

I hope you forgive me this relatively short post. I’m off for lunch- just found an Eritrean restaurant I must try…

I’m wearing:

Jacket- Burberry

Skinnies- Zara

Top- custom made

Heels- Stuart Weitzman

Sunnies- Dior

Bag- Chanel

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