Summer is almost over… Boo I say! Why can’t it be summer all year round?!? Like in Madeira or Guatemala – 31°C every day! Unfair!

Oh well, there’s no point crying about something you can’t change. But there is a way to prolong for a bit the feel of a summer holiday, by using your sense of taste and smell. For me that means cooking dishes and drinking wine from the places I visited and just for a moment, forgetting about the rain outside. I imagine that I can still feel the ocean breeze and warm sun on my face, that it’s a balmy evening somewhere on the Amalfi coroca-del-dragone-2-of-2ast, and I’m still sitting at a table in a café in a narrow alley which probably remembers the time of Caesar Augustus.

Falanghina is one of those wines that always takes me back to southern Italy. It’s one of the most popular wines in Campania because it’s a perfect partner for the seafood based cuisine of the region.


This is Falangina Rocca del Dragone 2013, which at the first sip totally transported me back to Sorrento on the Bay of Naples. It’s a rather fresh Falanghina, a bit drier than the ones I’m used to but rounded and soft with the classic – for this variety – touch of banana on the nose. There are some white flowers and notes of ripe apple, pear and white peach, nicely rounded with mineral and nutty nuances.

Good stuff, worth trying.


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