There’s a great scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s book when Fred is invited to a party at Holly’s apartment.  One of the guests is Meg Wildwood, Holly’s friend, a socialite and a model.

embracing flaws

She’s not very beautiful but seemed to have embraced her flaws- extreme tallness and skinniness, and a stammer. By confidently accentuating them she made them her assets and had every person in the room mesmerised by her.

Why do I say that? Because very recently I had a revelation and it reminded me of this scene.

I used to hate my hair with passion. No matter what I did they were thin, lanky and frizzy. I didn’t mind thin that much because there’s quite a lot of it but the frizz! My hair also seem to have a mind on it’s own, behaving one day and being all over the shop the next. For me a bad hair day is comparable to a fat day so not being able to control my hair equals a foul mood.

embracing flaws

About month or so ago I accidentally stumbled upon a winning for me combination of products (you can read about it here), John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original 6 Effects Serum and Oribe texturising spray. I sometimes add John Frieda Beach Blonds Sea Waves Sea salt Spray for that extra tousled look.  Instead of ironing or blow drying my hair into submission (which is what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years) I decided to embrace my natural waves and help them a little with the said products.

But it was only when I posted a few photos on Instagram that I realised something. I loved the way my hair looked. Wavy, tousled, just out of bed kind of careless look, something I’ve always loved (it makes me think of French girls) but never thought I could achieve. Suddenly my flaw became one of my best features.



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    Sunday December 11th, 2016 / 08:33 PM

    Tez lubię ten film, jednak analogia do mnie nie przemawia – po prostu nauczyłaś się układac włosy tak jakbyś chciała a nie pokochałaś je takimi jakie są – jakie Cię denerwowały… Więc to troszkę inaczej niż w historii z filmu. Nie polubiłaś ich prawdziwie tylko takie jakimi są teraz, bo pasują do wizji którą już miałaś ;P Ale spoko, fajnie że dzięki temu dopisuje humor 🙂 Żadna kobieta nie powinna martwić się i przejmować włosami, ani tracić z ich powodu humoru itp 🙂 pozdrawiam

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