A few years ago I stopped spending money on my summer wardrobe.

elevated basics

elevated basics

elevated basics

elevated basics

elevated basics

elevated basics

Living in Poland, Summer used to be the highlight of my year. If we were lucky (and more often than not we were) summer started at the beginning of May and ended in September. I lived for those balmy months when I wore tea dresses in delicate floral print, or white cotton embroided red, an early herald of Vita Kin folk covetables. Evenings were for black slips (it was 90’s after all!), sometimes backless and for showing off a tan pick up at the pool that day.

It took me years to adjust when I moved to London. Here, on a fashion playground I could have all the dresses I’ve ever wanted to. And I did have them, only to shiver with cold on a date nights, with rain pouring outside and gale winds for the company. How could it be? It was July!

And then it clicked and I still don’t know what took me so long. I realised that- summer or not, I was going to be shopping for the actual weather rather than the “supposed” season. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I recently wore jumpers and jackets. What’s one to do? British summer…

But this was a beginning of my new way of thinking. Instead of spending money on beautiful dresses I’d wear a few times if I was lucky, I decided to invest burn (somehow investing for me is about stock and shares and not new shoes) my money on every day basics. Elevated basics. Good quality flats I’d wear again and again. Good jumper, preferably cashmere (preferably grey). Accessories.

These days I learned to combine summer clothes with all year around basics. I may wear denim cut offs with a jacket, or a summer skirt with a cashmere jumper. I don’t get stressed any more when it’s pouring rain in July. After all, I do have a lovely trench coat 🙂


I’m wearing: 

Jumper- Rotten Roach 

Denim – Levis 

Shoes & Belt – Gucci 

Bag- Chanel 

Sunnies- Ray Ban 


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