By now we all know that summer is in full swing. Look outside, pick up any paper or open any blog – there is no escape from it. ☺ Absolutely everywhere are tips on how to do summer make up, a new way to wear a t-shirt or fabulous hot weather cocktails (Champagne Girls are guilty as charged, as well ☺). I love it all – it’s best time of the year!

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But summer also means wedding season. Year after year I’ve faced the same dilemma- what to wear to a wedding. As much as I love shopping I really hate spending my cash on an outfit for a single occasion. It’s a challenge to find something suitable. Some dresses look as if a meringue had exploded; others make me look like I’m on the way to a prom party. Ideally, I’d like an outfit that can meet required formality and elegance of a wedding reception yet can be worn with sandals to an informal garden party or with a pair glitzy heels and diamond earrings to a club.

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Feeling rather uninspired I postponed buying a dress until the last possible moment. Finally, having flicked through countless magazines and with a week to go to a friend’s wedding, I took to the shops. I promptly fell in love with a monochrome cocktail dress by Nicole Miller and Lucy Choi (she of the Choo family fame) black suede heels. I’m incredibly pleased with my outfit, as it’s something I can wear with different accessories to many other occasions. Now, I just need a suitable black clutch and I’m wedding ready!

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Wine of the week

To celebrate my purchase, I got myself a bottle of Pouilly Fumé on the way home. I bought it in a supermarket, as I had no time to pop in into any of my favourite wine boutiques. I didn’t have high expectations but (lucky me) it ended up being rather pleasant. So here it is my review of Pouilly Fumé Jean Paul Mollet L’Antique. This is well-crafted and superbly elegant summer white, quite reserved on the nose, but the nicely smooth palate offers greatly balanced mix of ripe citrus, grapefruit and gooseberry with a touch in wet stone minerality and decent crisp finish.




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