My friends still tell me I was a lousy bride. I suspect that is because no one was invited to my wedding. I wish I could paraphrase Plum Sykes and say it was one of that society weddings where literally no one was invited to in that exclusive way but that wouldn’t be true.

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I’ve always harboured a secret dream (fed by all the Disney movies) of eloping after meeting the love of my life. In my daydreams I saw us on our honeymood riding horses in Mongolian stepppe (Mulan, I’m looking at you) after a romantic journey through Russia on a Transsiberian Golden Eagle.

I was lucky that The French felt the same (we are still negotiating the Mongolian part but we are now closer that we were at the time of our wedding). So I might have been a lousy bride but I’m a pretty good guest I think. Because weddings are about two things- wearing a killer dress and making an effort at the party.

“What am I going to wear to the wedding?” is a loaded question. The frock must be so many things- it must not look better than the bride’s dress (is there ever any chance of that?) but it must look great because who wants a poorly dressed guests on their wedding? It must be classy and elegant but fun at the same time. It must subtly whisper that the wearer is a fabulous woman. In your face frocks and prom queens wannabes need not apply.

So when yet another cream thick envelope landed in our letter box I’ve asked myself the very same question- what am I going to wear? The French very helpfully suggested I might want to wear heels by which he missed the point entirely. Becasue the question is a code for “I need a new frock”.

This time I decided yet again to turn to my trusted tailor. I wanted the top to look a bit like overseized shirt. My belt is a nod to this season’s obi belts. Because parts of the dress are quite see through, I’ve decided that it should cover my knees and arms.

How do you like the result? I love how elegant and demure this dress is despite see through front. It’s like a step in time to long gone elegance of Riviera. And whilst I’m on this note, I think a dress I’m going to wear to the next wedding will be inspired by “Tender is the night”. Can you guess which era is it?

I’m wearing; 

Dress by Jadzia Doroba

Heels- vintage 

Bracelet- Apart 

Sunnies- Dior 

Bag- Chanel 2.55




  1. Ela
    Wednesday June 17th, 2015 / 07:03 PM

    Anetko przepiękna sukienka! Koniecznie musisz mi dać namiary na Panią Jadzię 🙂

    • admin
      Saturday June 20th, 2015 / 10:44 AM

      Elu, ogromnie dziekuje za komplement! 🙂

  2. Saturday June 20th, 2015 / 02:52 AM

  3. Thursday August 6th, 2015 / 08:38 AM

    Prześliczna ta sukienka 🙂 To chyba szyfon lub coś w tym rodzaju ? Mam jedną podobną letnią sukienkę, też granatową i bardzo ją lubię 🙂

    • admin
      Thursday August 6th, 2015 / 09:42 AM

      Dziekuje za mile slowa! Tak to chyba szyfon chociaz nie jestem pewna poniewaz obecnie jest taki ogrom materialow 🙂 Pozdrawiam! Ana

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