Unidentified day last week:

Of course I need my own camera. I have been blogging for a year now and it’ a complete madness I have no camera to my name. So what if our photographers (two to be precise) have 3 camera bodies and so many lenses between them they could open a shop? I need my own gear.

Unidentified following day last week:

I consult @behindtheseventhdoor and he tells me to check X, Y and Z cameras but what I really want him to say is – buy Olympus Pen! I mean, how stylish does it look? (I didn’t tell him that). He says he will check Olympus and come back to me.

An hour later:

Yes, @behindtheseventhdoor approves! He thinks I also need another lens. Apparently 14-42 mm that comes with the camera is not enough. I need 40-150 mm. He elaborates but frankly my mind has already wandered off in the direction of stylish camera cases. He sends me an email later saying “40-150 mm- bokah effect”. Now we’re talking.


I rock up to John Lewis. I got the camera and I need another lens. They may not have that particular Olympus one but “it’s ok- I say- any 3/4 lens will do”. Didn’t I tell you I’m an expert on lenses now? The sales assistant nods, perhaps they will have a Panasonic one.

15 minutes later:

He found the Olympus one I was after. Only, eeek! it’s over a grand! I can spend a grand on a handbag but a lens? Yes, I do remember @behindtheseventhdoor telling me that buying lenses is a costly business but I paid little attention because at that precise moment I found a leather camera case online.

5 minutes later:

No way I’m paying a grand. I consult @beindtheseventhdoor again and he says Jessops sells a cheaper version of 40-150 mm. I’m off to Jessops.



I didn’t manage to unpack the camera yesterday on account of it being a Friday night so I get up early today, excited. Time to play.

7:00 am:

Ok, I’ve had a look at it. There are lots of cables here. What are they for? I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. I can’t turn it on. Ok, let’s leave it for a minute when I scroll through my entire Instagram feed.


It dawns on me I may need to charge the battery and congratulate myself on my good sense. The camera itself is beautiful, light and stylish. I just need to figure out how to use all the features the camera comes with. All I need to do is to install the software.

Ok, that’s not happening. Why is it not installing??? Is something wrong with the disc? I may have to skip that until The French gets up.

The sofa looks like a bomb site. Where is the flash? Ah, here it is, under the cables. I need to be careful not to sit on the lens.

8.30 am:

I managed to fit the lens but I can’s take it off now! The whole thing is certainly not as easy as I was led to believe. I’m gonna have to take a step back. Let’s have another coffee. At this rate, this post is going up tomorrow.


@behindtheseventhdoor tells me I need to read the manual first. Hahahaha, as if I haven’t thought of that. Oh, here it is. That looks a bit complicated. Where’s the Polish version?


I should have read the manual first.

The photo had not been taken on my new Olympus Pen because I haven’t managed to figure it out yet.


  1. Monday November 9th, 2015 / 02:47 PM

    Nice blog! Have a great day


  2. Monday November 9th, 2015 / 03:11 PM

    LOL lol I laughed and laughed so much reading this :))
    So… did you find a cheaper version for the 40-150 lens?

    • Ana
      Monday November 9th, 2015 / 09:24 PM

      Thank you Lubka 🙂 Yes I did- now I know why there’s a £1,000 difference between them! Still, it’ll do! 🙂

  3. Monday November 9th, 2015 / 04:03 PM

    Now that’s a funny play by play. Yes, you most certainly needed to get your own camera. While you’re at it, Purchase yourself a tripod. Though I work with two photographers, I purchased my Nikon D3100 a few years back. I was headed to Seattle for a short over-the-wknd trip and I wanted something better than my little Powershot camera. I was never so happy. But you’re right, I don’t mind spending $1400 on an LV bag but spending that on a lens? STICKER SHOCK!!!! I hope you get lots & lots of use out of it. As for the tripod I mentioned, perfect for those times when your photographer isn’t available.


    • Ana
      Monday November 9th, 2015 / 09:23 PM

      And those sneaky selfies- I’d be a bit shy to tell my photographers to take 50 pouting ones but with a tripod and some free time…:)

      • Wednesday November 11th, 2015 / 01:22 PM

        Omg, never the trout pout. Those are the worst. Lol.

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