When does it stop being appropriate to wear destroyed denim? Is the cut off mark at thirty? Later?   It began a couple of seasons ago (and it’s still going strong this autumn) and finally there was an excuse to wear long forgotten destroyed jeans. I wish I could have worn my first, original pair (I was 15) but at some point they went missing. I think my mother had something to do with it. Although she never admitted it the evidence was there. She never understood how important it was to look like Alicia Silverstone.

No sooner the dictum was out that destroyed denim was going to be in, that I took to pumice stone to give my trusted Ralph Lauren pair a treatment. Truth to be told, I was so bored of them, having bought them sometime in 2008 but they were still good – I couldn’t just get rid of them.  Somehow I can give away a pair from Zara but these are beautifully crafted. I killed two birds with one stone – I was going to be on trend and help my jeans die a natural death.


But guess what? I like the way they look so much that I’m upset that unplanned holes have started to appear all over and that the tears are getting deeper with every wash. I can still wear them – just about. I guess they will be a little draughty in the winter.


My father laughs at me: after over a decade of sophisticated dressing, I’ve come a full circle returning to my teenage years. That made me think – when is it no longer appropriate to wear ripped denim? I admit – they make me feel younger but is it a case of mutton dressed as lamb?


In the photo, I’m wearing Ralph Lauren jeans, Joseph cashmere and Steve Madden boots. This look didn’t go down very well in Bordeaux where I had the photos taken. I’m told that Bordeaux is like Boston in the US…but they weren’t out of place in San Francisco.