“Have you bought anything in the sales?- asked a friend recently. I haven’t. This year’s sales came and went without me buying a single item.

Normally, a self-confessed shopaholic, I would be in and out of Selfridges, trying to snap up Isabel Marant shoes or Joseph everything, feeling like I’m going to war amid crowds and noise.

Whether it was Mars retrograde (according to celebrity astrologist, Susan Miller, Mars retrograde is terrible for electronic)(I haven’t just admitted that I’m into horoscopes!) or just simply bad luck, but in a month before Christmas, I killed two phones (whilst Instagramming), which forced me into a digital detox.  After an initial anxiety attack (OMG, the world is moving on without me!), detox turned out to be an utter bliss. I spent a wonderful weekend in Henly with Asia and Trish, my career didn’t suddenly collapse, the clients didn’t leave me and I entered a New Year with a clear head.  Once my new phone arrived, I forgot to install Facebook on it.

Couple of weeks spent hibernating with a book and a glass of wine by the fireplace (and not shopping) at made me think about the way I chose to spend money and my consumerism in general.  I follow several fashion blogs and just love, love, love looking at their new buys, their Guccis and Chanels, and everything in between (I draw a line at unboxing which is an utter bore, watching someone opening a box, even if there’s a Chanel bag inside). But this made me in a past feel quite unhappy with what I’ve got. Never mind my Celines and my Chloe and my beautiful Chanel pumps. Why can’t I have pink Chanel bag? And what about suede Gucci? I want!

Consumer culture

Consumer culture

Consumer culture

Consumer culture

Why am I not satisfied with all the beautiful things I acquired over time? Why do I want more and more?  The fault is entirely mine, of course. I’m not going to blame consumer culture because come on, I’m a lawyer- I see through the b*t yet I chose to go with it. Stressful day? Nothing a spot of shopping wouldn’t fix. Time to kill at lunchtime? A quick dash to Zara. Hard week? Treat yo’ self.

It feels good to start making some changes. I know it’s only a few days into the new year, but today I waked past Zara and didn’t go in. Truthfully, it didn’t look very inviting- the leftovers of sales never do. But still. And yesterday I spent my lunchtime in the National Gallery. I went there to see a painting, which I saw on the Internet over Christmas and fell in love with it. I spent time looking at it, then went around the room and came back for one last look and a good bye. It felt good.

I’m wearing:

Coast- vintage

T-shirt- Steadfast London

Jeans- Levis

Shoes- Gucci

Bag- Celine


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