I have been very loyal to my beloved Gypsy Water perfumes by Byredo ever since we met couple of years ago at Liberty. It’s a scent that continues to intrigue and inspire me, naughty and nice in equal measures. It’s a life long love affair.

Coco Chanel perfumes 6-1
But fidelity is a difficult thing (what can I say) and once in a while along comes a scent that evokes an image or memories, and I cannot help but to indulge in a little fling. It cannot go on forever, you understand. Its just a crush. Still,  I’m sorry to admit it, my beloved Gypsy Water, but I’m having a fling with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Coco Chanel perfumes 4-1

We reunited a few days ago at Selfridges. I felt as if I met The One That Got Away. Memories of another time flooded me instantly. Coco whispered sophistication and wealth, bursted with scent of jasmine, rose and Sicilian orange. It evoked for me balmy evenings on the Côte d’Azur that summer. Sand between my toes.

So you see, my love, I had to go there. Some things are just stronger than me. But you know me, don’t you? You know that I am really a rock ’n’ roll girl at heart and I get bored quickly. Just wait patiently, I will be back soon.

Coco Chanel perfumes 5-1



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