I have to admit I’ve been already checking out new season on Net a Porter. Spring collectons. Yes, at the beginning of January. Admit it- have you been doing the same?

The thing is, I can’t take my eyes of new season Chloé. I’m in love with that nude silk slip, deep plunge yet not at all revealing, artfully ruffled at the waist. And that peach cashmere jumper, slouchy in all the right places, which makes you look a million dollars with just a hint of a tan. Or blush tasseled pants, so chic yet understated, worn with a snow white tank top. There’s no denying, Chloé girl this season is definitely an uptown girl.

Yet, there’s something stoping me from reaching for my wallet. I love fine things yet I always thinks twice (actually more than that) before I spend money on an expensive item. Should I buy it or should I put money away for that dream house on the French Riviera? Should I buy it when so many people in the world have no food on the table? And how is it that I can spend money on a handbag, yet I hesitate when it comes to a dress?

Chloe -1-20

Chloe -1-17

Chloe -1-12

Chloe -1-6

Chloe -1-19

Chloe -1-15

Chloe -1-4

I have no answer for that but it doesn’t stop me looking wistfully at S/S 2016 campaign and free -spirited Chloé girls in flowing dresses. One day just before Christmas I was waiting for an appointment at the Face Gym, casually browsing H&M shop on the ground floor of Selfridges when I came across the black dress I’m wearing on a photo. It  could have been Chloé and it was love at first sight. The sleeves, the tassels, the cut- it was one of these high street gems that looks and feels way above it’s price. I bought two- one for me and one for my mother, a poster girl for luxe boho style.

When we took the photos, we enjoyed an unusually warm spell in December hence the lack of coat. I layered the dress over my favourite jeans from Zara. I’m not an expert in layering like some girls who seem to have an innate radar, but this dress lends itself beautifully to it. Paired with suede tassel bag from Dune it created a look, which whilst not my usual, made me feel truly great- carefree and confident.

Roll on spring and long afternoons bathed in honey coloured light. Roll on hot days and evenings on the beach. I’m ready for a long, slow summer on the Riviera.

I’m wearing: 

Dress H&M (on sale now) 

Jeans- Zara 

Bag- Dune 

Shoes- LK Bennet 

Sunglasses- Dior 


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